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Conjecture on Chosen Timing of Bin Laden’s Execution

Conjecture on Chosen Timing of Bin Laden’s Execution

By Kevin Stoda

This is the 3rd day of conjecture about the historical timing of the assasination of Osama Bin Laden—i.e. two years after Pakistan had reportedly told the USA officials about a suspicious compound near Islamabad.
The first article was entitled, “Several Reasons Why….” , and the second article was called “ Conjecture on Why …”
a certain date was pushed on Obama by certain military wonks this past week.

Over the previous two days, I have written a diary on the topic of the political timing and the historica symbolism of the particular timing involved in assassinating Bin Laden this past April 30-May 1 Weekend. However, I should note (up front) that as far as Pakistani time goes, the date of the assassination of Bin Laden occurred on May 2, 2011—even as Obama made his announcement over 9 time zones to the West on May 1 to the American public.

April 30 was, of course, both (1) the date that the USA got out of Saigon and ended a twenty year war in Vietnam and (2) the date that Adolf Hitler had died, i.e. committed suicide. This particular April 30, 2011 will certainly be recalled in the ongoing Libyan Nato War as the day that once-again NATO bombs missed Ghadaffi and kille 4 of his family members—again.

May 1 was the day on which the one-time super power, the Soviet Union, had regularly thumbed its military might at the Western Nations during the 70-plus years of its existence. May 1 was also the date in 1970 when the incidents and shootings at Kent State began—leading at the beginning of that decade to end of most Americans interest in making a choice between starting up a civil war in our homeland and continuing a losing (but expanding) war in Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, on May 2nd in history the following events did take place—but none seems to have quite the significance of the events that occurred on April 30 and May1 over the millenia::

(1) The date in 1945 when the Soviet Union took Berlin and the date that German forces in Italy surrendered to the allies—within a week the World War II in Europe would be over. (This was also the day in 1945 when Martin Bormann, another major Nazi official and Hitler’s secretary, who unlike Hitler refused to commit suicide was also killed near the Spree River in Berlin.)

(2) This date in 1933 when the Nazi Gleichschaltung under Adolf Hitler expanded to banning trade unions.

(3) This date 1611 when the King James Bible was published for the first time in London, England, by printer Robert Barker.

(4) Nelson Mandela was successfully elected president of South Africa on this date in 1994.

(5) This date 1863 , during the American Civil War, Stonewall Jackson was wounded by (purportedly by) friendly fire while returning to camp after reconnoitering during the Battle of Chancellorsville. By the way, the Union army was beaten severely that day.

(6) In 1957, Joseph McCarthy died on May 2, but again this does not seem reason enough to have chosen May 2 to have assasinated Osama Bin Laden.

(7) On this date in 1966, the USA admitted for the first time in the press that it’s military forces had attacked forces in Cambodia. Three years later, on this date, “Police forces in the United States … [cracked] down on student protests on campuses across the US using a number of means at their disposal including warrants and an increased police presence. The universities include[d] some of the most well known institutions including Columbia, Harvard, Cornell and Stanford Universities. Again, in 1971 on the same day in May, “Anti War demonstrators in the Capitol were foiled by mass arrests from flying squads of police using tear gas and batons to break up large crowds of protesters and arrested over 6000 protesters who were trying to stop traffic flowing in the capitol, in the afternoon a large number of National Guards and Army and Marines to help with controlling the demonstrations. “

(8) On the 2nd of May, 2007 : President Bush vetoed a proposal to withdraw troops from Iraq. The Congressional bill linked a timetable for the withdrawal of troops to funding for the war. The veto was only the second time President Bush used that power, despite rejecting the bill he indicated that a compromise should be made.

Overall, May 2nd already appears to have been a day of victory for the military extablishment in the USA.

In summary, both April 30 and May 1 are highly symbolic in USA military history while May 2 is not quite so compelling. Therefore, vanquishing a memory or appropriating this historical date makes less sense. My verdict [conjecture] is that for its symbolic powere the assassination of Bin Laden on either April 30 or May 1 would have been the date preferred by war historians to asssasinate Bin Laden.

Had Obama not slept on his decision at least 16 hours—as has been claimed—then the assasination of Bin Laden would have taken place on May 1st in Pakistan and on April 30th in the USA.



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