Saturday, May 07, 2011

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Tell Secretary LaHood to Listen to Clean Car Consumers

Dear Kevin,

Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Ray LaHood recently wrote in his Fast Lane blog, "With gas prices rising above four dollars per gallon, families and businesses are feeling the effects. And once again elected officials are clamoring for action to instantly reverse that trend. But we know that you can't bring down energy prices overnight."

But while Sec. LaHood then went on to tout the DOT's role in electric vehicle development, he did not mention that the way to get these vehicles—and the pump savings and emissions relief they offer—to U.S. drivers is by committing to strong clean car standards through 2025. In fact, Sec. LaHood is poised to make critical decisions on these standards this summer that could be as strong as 60 miles per gallon by 2025. But automakers are pressuring him to set much weaker standards that wouldn’t deliver the savings at the pump, pollution reductions, or oil savings we need.

Sec. LaHood rarely gets comments from the public on his blog—that needs to change today.

Please leave your personal comment on the Fast Lane blog and tell him that Americans are watching his actions, and want him to support a clean car standard of 60 miles per gallon that will help relieve pain at the pump, cut pollution, and bring new vehicle technologies—and the jobs they create—to market.

Find tips on ways to personalize your comments and more information.

Given the Fast Lane blog is moderated, we want to both make sure your comments are being posted as they should be, and we would like to use some of your comments in our next Driving Change Network newsletter. After you’ve made a comment on the Fast Lane blog, please copy it and send it to us so we can make sure your voice is being heard.

Comment on the Fast Lane Blog


Scott Nathanson
Senior Outreach Coordinator
UCS Clean Vehicles Program

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