Monday, April 04, 2011

Support Whistleblowers as your Sacrifice to Community this April 4!!

Yesterday, I outlined why April 4 is to be recognized as a day of reflection, a day of peacemaking, and a day calling for reform in America.

Here is another action we might take on April 4 this year. That is get active on behalf of those blowing the whistle on bad governance and bad management of corporations and businesses that adversely affect all of us. Here is an example from last Friday’s news, whereby a California whistle-blower has had to go to court to try and get justice because he was concerned about the lack of safety at an American nuclear power plant.

“A former manager at California’s San Onofre nuclear power plant is suing the facility’s owners for allegedly firing him in retaliation for reporting safety concerns. Paul Diaz says officials at Southern California Edison fired him shortly after the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission ordered the company to address what it called a ‘chilling effect’ on addressing workplace safety. Diaz’s lawsuit says the NRC first investigated the plant after it received anonymous reports of infractions, including ‘shortcuts on testing new generators, unreported safety violations, falsifying records, promoting a culture of cover-up” and ignoring chronic fatigue amongst overburdened workers.’“

Likewise, we need to stand by other whistle-blowers, like Jill Simpson, who are trying to aid Bradley Manning, another important whistle-blower.

We might even what to have a national whistleblowers day set up soon to institutionalize this important American tradition.



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