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Notes from Operation Renewed Hope-”Japan Hope”

Subject: Operation Renewed Hope – “Japan Hope”

Operation Renewed Hope

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April 1, 2011

Dear Friends,

David Harris has sent this report from the people who are working with him or in addition to his efforts. Here they are discussing the coming effort to get to some of the college graduates and their churches in northern Japan. David asked me to publish this so that you would pray for these very important first efforts.

“Brother David,

We are getting close to having our first trip up north. We will fill up the truck on our first trip, but we are using personal and church funds to do it. I am praying God supplies for more trips up. We are not going to be a burden on the pastors in the area. We will be setting up a camp site for all of us. We have clothes, diapers, water, kerosene, tooth paste and brushes, soap, Bibles and 2 big bags of rice. Today I need to order the food I am going to get from Costco next Monday.

We believe all that’s happening is the Lord opening doors that cannot be shut. This is God’s attempt to open the hardened area up North, I believe, and at the same time a warning to the rest of us to get prepared for what is coming….”

Pray for David Harris, Ron White, and these good brothers as they try to get to the people in the north. This is not a simple task, and could prove to be very dangerous.

This will give you an idea of what the situation is like for our team going in next week. In a report sent to David by Dan Roberts, another missionary, we read the following. Dan is attempting to reach the many shelters to give helped to the people and the gospel. Pray for this man and his efforts.

“Dear Friends in Christ,

We thank everybody for the prayers, contact and support for Japan.

I just got back from a run up north. It is still freezing up there. I was able to take in fuel and two tons of vegetables. What a blessing to be able to work with a man like Fujioka Sensei. Please pray for him and his wife Sachiko. Also pray for Inami san, a lost man, also helping with a truck. They are tired, to say the least. They are doing a very important work of relief. Everyday since this started he and Inami San have been going in and finding new shelters. Many folks fled to the hills when the sirens began and formed groups in houses, schools… No electric, water, and little fuel, food… They are still finding groups surviving. Pastor has found unbelievable roads back into some places where the main roads are impassable. They are still being worked on by the defense force. We went to one school at the end of the run with 500 people in it that was in bad condition. The main road is still not open. They asked us if we could go into one area they hadn’t reached yet, but we didn’t have the supply or time. We went to 12 shelters. Some are doing better than last week as help comes, some are in bad condition because they have not been reached by the defense force, but very thankful to see us. Bathing and privacy are a problem, and staying warm, health and food. We try to take materials from the good condition and redistribute it to the bad. We have been able to pray with small groups of folks and individuals and as the moral increases, the witness will build and hopefully souls will receive Christ. I got funds for the truck now, and enough for the next load, so that’s what I am working on today, would like to take off again Monday. It’s eight hours up there to northern Miyagi Ken, and then north along the coast. This is 150 kilometers north of Sendai, where Pastor Fujioka is going in now. The road are rough and broken from the earthquakes. The quakes are everyday, many times.

Nagano Ken has the vegetables. God has just given me a task of hauling them and spiritual help and support for Pastor Fujioka, but sometimes I think it’s the other way around. It has been a blessing to meet this young man(48). Everytime I bring a load in, it is an added work for him. So far God has blessed. He has allowed me to put a sleeping bag into one of the back rooms of the 60 year old church. It is a whole other story how this small old Baptist church is working for the Lord. Their supplies are hard to come by now, milk, wood, fuel, and other basic foods are not in the area. Much of their supply source was destroyed along the coast. Electric milkers were off and cows have dried up, no chicken feed so chickens have quit laying…

God gave us a big box of eggs, and cookies from a local man here in Nagano. I gave them to Mrs. Fujioka. I gave her some vegetable from the truck as well. While we were out to the shelters, she went door to door around their church, and gave the eggs, a few onions, green peppers, potatoes and cookies… to neighbors. As I was packin’ the truck to leave early the next morning. Neighbors were lining up on the road to say thank you.

Please pray the powers that govern will not interfere with God’s work.
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. To God be the glory.”

These are brave and compassionate people who are working for the people of Japan. Pray that they will have great success. Please, pray for ORH that we will have the funds to help these wonderful people.

God bless,

Jan Milton

Operation Renewed Hope
4928 Necessary Ct.
Blue Springs, MO 64015



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