Saturday, June 04, 2011

W. Bush Tax Cuts have contributed to 50% of USA Debt–but as usual REPUBLICANS ARE DENYING the FACTS

Obama’s in: No more tax breaks for millionaires.Dear Kevin,

If the President stays on board, we’ve got a real chance to end tax breaks for millionaires.

Sign here to thank Obama, and encourage him to stick to his guns in negotiations.

Thanks in part to the support and encouragement of USAction/TrueMajority members, President Obama has drawn a line in the sand by promising to make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share of taxes.1

It’s a big step, and it comes at a critical moment: June 7 marks the tenth anniversary of the day President George W. Bush signed into law $1.35 trillion dollars of tax cuts for the richest people in America.2

But Republicans have promised to fight the President’s promise tooth and nail. And last year, the President gave in at the last minute – agreeing to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest in exchange for a breakthrough on unemployment insurance, nuclear disarmament and more.

We can’t let that happen again. With the anniversary of these disastrous tax cuts around the corner, we need the President to stay strong.

Sign our petition to thank the President, and ask him to stick to his guns in the coming weeks.

Republicans in Congress are claiming we need to cut education, health care and social spending so we can reduce the budget deficit. Some even propose to eliminate Medicare as we know it. But those same politicians are not just willing but eager to cut checks averaging $3 million each to the richest 120,000 people in the country.3

It’s not just unreasonable, it’s an outrage. But there’s reason to hope: Just this week Democrat Kathy Hochul officially became the newest member of Congress. Hochul won a recent special election in a conservative New York district by speaking out against the Republican budget plan — a plan supported by her opponent.4

Now YOU have a chance to speak out, too. Sign here to thank Obama, and encourage him to stick to his guns in negotiations.

For fairness,

Drew Hudson
USAction / TrueMajority

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