Thursday, June 02, 2011

Breathtaking hypocrisy of members of Congress concerning the continuing death panels of insurance firms in the USA

Breathtaking hypocrisy of members of Congress concerning the continuing death panels of insurance firms in the USA

America is already well-down the list of well-insured countries–stop this slide to the bottom TODAY AMERICA!!!–KAS



During the 2009 debate over health insurance reform, opponents claimed that the Democrats’ proposal would create “death panels” of bureaucrats with the authority to “pull the plug on grandma.”

The breathtaking hypocrisy of members of Congress who repeated this claim is now being highlighted by their support for a bill that would put the lives of thousands of seniors at risk.

A majority of Republicans in the House are pushing H.R. 5, a bill that would give the medical industry the green light to cut corners and endanger patients’ health.

Defend your rights. Tell your member of Congress to oppose H.R. 5.

H.R. 5, called the “Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare Act,” would shield nursing homes, hospitals, drug and medical device companies, and doctors from accountability when their misconduct harms or kills patients.

Preventable mistakes by the medical industry kill hundreds of thousands of people each year and injure millions more.

But instead of proposing reforms to prevent needless deaths and injuries, H.R. 5 would make it harder for patients to hold wrongdoers accountable, regardless of how egregious their misconduct is or how severely they have injured patients.

Even as millions are harmed because of preventable errors, H.R. 5 would let medical providers be more lax about mistakes.

Tell your representative that the medical industry should not be let off the hook when it provides substandard medical care or defective drugs and medical devices.

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Defenders of H.R. 5 claim it will save taxpayer money. It won’t.

Instead, the costs of medical mistakes would shift from negligent doctors and hospitals to injured patients, their families, and taxpayer-funded health and disability programs.

Bills like H.R. 5 aren’t new. For decades, Public Citizen has, with the help of activists like you, successfully thwarted similar threats to our civil justice system.

Thanks for all you do,

Rick Claypool
Public Citizen’s Online Action Team

P.S. A strong, democratic civil justice system is critical to safeguarding individual rights and promoting public health and safety. Learn more about our work advocating access to justice



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