Thursday, April 21, 2011

Say Thanks to the Wisconsinites Who are Making America a Safer Place for All to Live In

Thanks–and help the rest of the nation do what is right–even if it is more impeaching and recalling of thugs and abusive office holders-like needs to be done pronto in Michigan and your state.–KAS


Wisconsin Democrats have already filed recall petitions against four Republican state Senators. Today they announced they will submit signatures against a fifth Republican, and expect a sixth by the May 2nd deadline. Before this year only four state legislators had been recalled in Wisconsin history.

You know who made this happen? Thousands of volunteers. They took time off work, family and weekends to knock on doors in the snow (yes, it’s still snowing in Wisconsin) gathering over 150,000 signatures in less than two months. No one ever paid them a dime, but they kept the fight going.

Today, I’m asking members of the Daily Kos community to send short thank you notes to the volunteers who gathered recall petition signatures against Wisconsin Republicans. You can write a note by clicking here. I’ve already been in touch with the recall organizers in Wisconsin and they promised your note will be sent to all of the volunteers.

This isn’t like a normal petition that will be read by a low-level congressional staffer. These notes will go directly to volunteers on the ground in Wisconsin.

Can you imagine how good it would feel if thousands of people around the country sent you notes of thanks? Can you imagine how fired up this will make Wisconsin volunteers feel for the recall elections this summer?

Let those on the front lines know you support them. Please, send a short thank you note to the Wisconsin volunteers who gathered recall petition signatures.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos



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