Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Labor from Around the World Call for Stop of Union Persecution in Bahrain!

When I was in Kuwait, I spoke up for laborers who had trouble with employees at American franchises, but all Gulf State labor need your help. With the Saudi-Bahraini crackdown going on now–even more atttention and your voice is needed. Sign the pledge of Action now.–KAS

Act NOW!
Bahrain: Stop the attack on the trade union movement
The authorities in Bahrain have launched an all-out attack on the Bahraini trade union movement. Thousands of workers have been dismissed for taking part in trade union activities in suport of the peaceful calls for greater democracy and reform. Many of the Executive members of the General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions have been dismissed from their jobs, as have many local trade union leaders. The people of Bahrain are living in a state of fear of further killings and other violence, arbitrary detention, and loss of their livelihoods. Bahrain is sliding into absolute dictatorship, and the elimination of trade union activity is being given a high priority by those in the ruling circles who intend to complete the transformation of the country into a totalitarian state.

King of Bahrain

I am writing to express my deep concern at the all-out attack being conducted by your government against the trade union movement in Bahrain. The widespread violence and intimidation against innocent people and the dismissal of thousands of workers due to their participation in peaceful trade union activities are extremely serious violations of international law. These actions by your government are causing tremendous harm to Bahrain’s international reputation and will result in yet further damage to your country’s economy. I appeal to you to end the campaign of anti-union intimidation, and to ensure that the government of Bahrain reinstate all the workers dismissed for union activity and enter genuine dialogue with GFBTU to achieve a democratic solution which fully respects workers’ and other human rights. I wish to assure you of the determination of working people worldwide to support the trade union movement of Bahrain.



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