Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matt and Aaron's Easter Tale

EASTER: “Recalling Dad and Boy’s tale”

By Kevin Stoda

About 6 years ago, Matt—a brother in the church in Kuwait—shared this important tale—a true tale that brings Christ and Easter into clearer perspective.

You see, one day in Spring about 6 or 7 years ago, Matt’s son, Aaron, was playing at a park nearby their home. Like any active boy, Aaron, made some dangerous move jumping around the playground equipment. Sure enough, Aaron went falling when one of his leaps failed.

To make a long story short, Aaron’s hand was in big trouble. He was immediately in a great deal of pain.

Within 24 hours, Aaron would be in the operating room of a local hospital having a pin placed into his wrist. Outside, in the waiting room, Daddy Matt was walking back and forth—and, of course, praying.


Matt was an extremely stressed parent in those hours before, during and after the surgery. “What parent would not be if their own child was going under the knife?” asked Matt.

Then, it suddenly dawned on Matt that God, the Father of Earth, the Universe, and Mankind experienced something similar one Passover night 2000 years ago. Matt explained , “Recall, how God the Father must have felt as his son was cut open by men and had metal pins hammered into his very own Son’s arms and legs?”

God must have been much more concerned for his own son, Jesus, than Matt was at that moment in the waiting room of a Kuwaiti hospital. Would the operation to save mankind be successful? Would his son come through?

Sweat must have been flowing from God the Father’s brow on Good Friday two millennia ago—just as it was from Daddy Matt in those moments that Matt (and God both) awaited the outcome of a painful surgery, which would end in success—but not without sorrows, stress, aching soul, tears, and painful & hurting body parts.

The cutting and surgery on little Aaron that Spring turned out to be successful. The pins were put in place and the boy was able to heal and use his hand again.

In the Easter story of Jesus, the surgery was not only a terrible deformed surgery by men who had no intention of allowing the Son to be treated well. The surgery was more than a physical one effecting the Son of God that Easter Weekend—but it was, namely a surgery to heal all of Mankind.


That horrible man-made surgery that one fateful Friday long long ago would end in the death of the Son of God. A loving God the Father would have to watch his son endure the greatest of pain, bleeding, and stress.

However, just as with the tale of Matt and his son Aaron in the Kuwaiti hospital one Spring day around 2005, the tale of Jesus’ healing and resurrection is the full and true Easter Story. It is what offers us all the chance for recovery and hope.



Blogger Kevin Anthony Stoda said...

What better Bible Verse could there be for Holy Week than this:

John 3: 16

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

11:49 PM  

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