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KS COMMON SENSE–Mr. Pompous’ focus lets us recall what is wrong with all Kansas Congressmen

KS COMMON SENSE–Mr. Pompous’ focus lets us recall what is wrong with all Kansas Congressmen

Here is a pompous thought or message from a Kansas Congressman who is not working hard to cut the DOD budget and is not working hard to bring boys and girls home from Afghanistan, Iraq and endless wars. These kind of blind congressmen could save possibly a trillion dollars in 3 to 5 years if they would tell Obama to get the wars over–NOW. Moreover, the savings could be invested in infrastructure human resources and in helping American lives in North America. –KAS

Greetings Mr. Stoda

Well, the partial shutdown of our federal government did not happen tonight. My freshman colleagues and I have engaged in a 50-day battle to respond to the failure of the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress and President Obama to pass a budget for 2011. Our plan will reduce spending by almost $40B. I had hoped for far more, but, this is a first step in the right direction. Please view the short video below, which addresses this issue and other happenings this week in Congress.

It’s important not to overlook the most significant event of this week: Republicans, under the leadership of Congressman Paul Ryan, presented a plan that will set a fundamentally different fiscal course for America. This new course is one that departs from the overspending both Republicans and Democrats alike have been guilty of over the past 70 years. Unlike the President’s budget that punts on critical decisions and uses gimmicks to obscure his out-of-control spending, our plan tells it like it is. This budget will put us on “The Path to Prosperity.” It requires government to accomplish the simple act that every family must accomplish – live within its means. This courageous and honest plan puts our nation on a viable path to actually paying off our national debt.

We’ve arrived at an important crossroads in our nation’s history. Make no mistake, what we decide now regarding the budget will either set us on the path toward financial ruin or return us to a fiscal path that is sustainable. Our moral obligation to our children and our grandchildren demands that Congress take real and serious steps to immediately get our financial house in order.

The Republican Budget: “The Path to Prosperity” by the numbers:

$6.2 trillion — Amount of spending cuts proposed relative to President Obama’s 2012 budget request.
$4.4 trillion — Total deficit reduction over 10 years called for under the plan, compared to just $1.1 trillion under Obama’s 2012 budget.
1 million — Private-sector jobs created over the next year.
$1.1 trillion — Estimated increase in wages over 10 years, yielding an average increase in income of $1,000 per year for each American family.


This week we worked hard to get Senator Reid and President Obama to take spending seriously and we addressed American involvement in yet a third war and took yet another action to stop Obamacare from destroying our country. . . . .

‘Hey..Harry Reid!’: This week and last, I stood with some of my freshman colleagues to deliver a message to Senator Harry Reid that the Senate must pass a bill that begins to address our dire financial situation. Help me get through to Senator Reid by joining the “Pass a Bill” Facebook fan page. The coverage of the press event, held outside the Capitol, was terrific.

CLICK HERE to watch me speak at last week’s press conference. CLICK HERE to watch this week’s press conference.

The Budget Battle: Please let me know your thoughts on the current budget fight by visiting my website at You can email me HERE. I am always eager to hear your thoughts on the important issues facing our country, state and district! Additional coverage can be found in POLITICO, The Wichita Eagle, and The Daily Caller.

Involvement in Libya: Many of you have called me with your thoughts on the U.S. military involvement in Libya. Read my full statement HERE. You can also listen to a radio interview I did recently with KGSO/KQAM and the MidAmerica Ag Network of stations in Wichita by clicking HERE.

Overturning Obamacare: Recently, I was also proud to join Speaker Boehner, Leader Cantor and 46 other lawmakers in signing onto an amicus curiae brief to overturn Obamacare. To read my full statement on this news and to read the full legal brief, please CLICK HERE.


Aviation Interest – PASSED: The FAA Reauthorization Act. This is a fiscally conservative bill that meets the significant needs of our

Banner at the GAMA aviation rally in Wichita general aviation industry. While rolling back spending to 2008 levels, the bill makes important policy improvements that will help create an environment where our aircraft manufacturers can start to rehire. To read my full statement on the FAA Reauthorization Act, click HERE.

American Energy Interest – PASSED: The Energy Tax Prevention Act. We acted to stop EPA from imposing Cap and Trade – a tax on energy – by regulation. We said to EPA you cannot regulate greenhouse gases in an attempt to stop Global Warming without legal authority.

Consumer Interest – PASSED: A Resolution to stop Net Neutrality. This measure opposes the Obama administration’s efforts to regulate the internet.


Attention Artists! The annual Congressional Art Competition is upon us! Each spring, a nationwide high school arts competition is sponsored by the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The Artistic Discovery Contest is an opportunity to recognize and encourage the artistic talent in the nation, as well as in our congressional district. The deadline for submissions is April 6th, 2011, and I’m pleased to announce the winner will be announced on May 7th! To learn more about the Congressional Art Competition, please CLICK HERE.

Constituents gather at a recent town hall meeting in Maize, KS

You’re Invited! Join My Next Town Hall Meeting
(and bring your friends and family):
When: Sunday, May 1st from 2 – 3 p.m.
Where: Butler Community College
Kansas Room, Building 1500
El Dorado, Kansas
Directions: CLICK HERE for a map and to search on Google Maps for directions.


I was pleased to welcome KS-04 constituents and other Kansans to my office this week. Thanks to:

Steve Anderson, Angela Benefiel, Dave Dennis, Matthew Hullings, Bill and Rhonda Johnson, Greg Krissek, Kevin and Chris McCoy, Karl Monger, Scott and Lisa Ritchie, and Barry Schwan of Wichita; Dan Demo of El Dorado; Kelly Miller of Ellinwood; Steve Riegel of Ford; Steve Beykerch of Frontenac; Jere White of Garnett; C.J. Blew of Hutchinson; Leon Sowers of Murdock; Jennifer Crow and Terry Leatherman of Topeka, Dr. Diane DeBacker, Shelly Duncan, Nick Gallegos, LeAnn Kruckenberg, Terry Parr, Sharon Ringler, Christy Sanders-Halsig, Sheryl Wohler, Scott Brandon, Kirby Clark, Wes Garton, Renee Hahn, Dave Kendrick, Sherri and Brad Luthe, Thomas Marten, John and Helen Mavec, Mark Rowe, Diane Spain, Mary Smith, Richard Taylor, Kevin Turner, Bill Urton of Wichita; Tom and Phyllis Butherus of Goddard; Charles Craig of Newton; Joseph Newberry of Derby; Earl Carter of Augusta; Debbie Logsdon of Douglass; David Zumwalt of Arkansas City; Amber Woehl of Minneapolis; Andrew Murphy of Great Bend; Mark Knight of Lyons; John Butler and Peter Hodges of Manhattan; Todd Fleisher and Peter Stern of Topeka; Steve McNinch of Oakley; Larry Stottel of Washington; Michael Armstrong and Michael Orth of Lenexa; Jeff Sigler of Lawrence; Cooper Clawson; Kimberly Doman; Paula Doman; Cain Fouard; Garrett Kays; Leigh Ann Maurath; Mark Olive; and a special thanks to Mike Dowe from Houston, TX.

As always, please let me know about the issues that matter most to you. I am here to serve you, and I appreciate the opportunity to do so!

Lastly, please feel free to share this newsletter with others.


Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04)



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