Saturday, April 09, 2011

Nah, Nah, Nah, Say Good-Bye, GLEN BECK

Nah, Nah, Nah, Say Good-Bye, GLEN BECK

Dear Kevin ,

This message is a long time coming, and it feels good to finally tell you the news. Yesterday, Fox News announced that later this year, toxic talk show host Glenn Beck would “transition off” from his nightly hour of hate, falsehoods, extremism, and absurd conspiracy theories.

It’s thanks to your support that we’ve been able to continually monitor and fact-check Beck and his relentless tide of smear campaigns and lies. With your help, we’ve been able to make the case that Beck has a dangerous impact on the national conversation — and we’ve been able to ensure that Fox’s promotion of Beck has had real-life consequences for the network’s credibility and its advertising dollars. Beck’s show has lost nearly 1 million viewers in the last year, and more than 300 advertisers since its debut.

It took two years too long for this to happen and the fight isn’t over: Fox News and its allies in the right-wing media will continue to distort and undermine the political process. The right-wing noise machine still injects political attacks and falsehoods into our national debate through outlets like Fox News and talk radio.

Help us keep up the fight for honesty and accountability in the media.

As long as conservatives continue to broadcast misinformation and hate speech, we’ll keep working around the clock to monitor and fact-check it and to prevent it from influencing the national dialogue.

Donate today to support the important work Media Matters for America does to ensure honesty and accountability in the media.

Help us keep up the fight.

Thank you for your continued support — this wouldn’t have been possible without you.


David Brock
Founder and Chairman
Media Matters for America

© 2010 Media Matters for America
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