Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring 3 Cherry Blossom Festival D.C.

Spring in Europe and Asia
When I first worked as a 22 year-old in Germany, I worked on a strawberry farm. In early April, my boss and I drove north to Holland, where the tulips bloomed, but we went there to buy a wagon-load of strawberry seedlings. Years later, my little sister moved with her family to Europe, and again I went to Keukenhof, near Lisse in the Netherlands to see more fantastic gardens.
Later, I lived in Japan and I came to have a different idea about how to celebrate (or appreciate) springtime. Until I lived in Japan I never really appreciated the blossoming of cherry trees so much—even though in the USA, the nation’s capital at Washington, D.C. is covered with them. Of course, my nation’s capitol has to thank the Japanese for these beautiful trees of spring that give the city a special character.
Cherry trees, brought over from Japan, as a present to the USA began to grace the capital 99 years ago.

Now, we are in the middle of D.C. and Japanese Cherry Blossom Festivals



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