Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here is news from Bahrain I have asked Democracy Now to cover a bit

Here is news from the Gulf I have asked Democracy Now to cover a bit.–KAS

34 Asians are injured

By MANDEEP SINGH , Posted on » Sunday, March 20, 2011

AT least 34 Asian expatriates have been injured as a result of hate attacks in the last six days, it has emerged.

Of the victims, 20 are Bangladeshi and 14 Pakistani, diplomats confirmed yesterday.

A Bangladeshi and Pakistani have also died as a result of attacks, while an Indian worker was accidentally shot after being caught in crossfire between anti-government protesters and police.

However, diplomats from each embassy said the true number of people assaulted could be much higher, as other victims may not have reported the crimes.

“They could have been treated at private clinics or simply did not get treatment,” said Bangladesh Embassy First Secretary Ebrahim Mohammed.

“We arranged the treatment of 20 people but have been calling on all those who are affected to report to the embassy.

“We are also urging them to stay away from crowded places for their own safety.”

The attack on Asian expatriates is believed to have been carried out by anti-government protesters.

Pakistan Embassy chargŽ d’affairs Aurengzeb said of the 14 Pakistanis injured, three were still in critical condition and being treated at the BDF Hospital.

“Some are still staying away from their accommodation,” he said.

The diplomat added that around 300 Pakistani bachelors and 20 families continued to stay at the Pakistan Club and Pakistan School for fear of returning home.

Meanwhile, Indian Ambassador Mohan Kumar said the embassy was not aware of any hate attacks on Indians.

“I can only confirm that one of our nationals died after he was hit by crossfire,” he said.



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