Wednesday, March 30, 2011

KS Common Sense Kevin Stoda

By Kevin Stoda, a future Senator

Jerry Moran is continuing his newsletter, KS COMMON SENSE, by lifting articles–written by the coal and gas lobby–from papers, like THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (WSJ) and the Salina Journal, a paper that reports that Moran is prepared to say NO to Kansas needs in the future.

The WSJ piece–which like many corporate plants we’ve seen in the WSJ in recent years–is found at this link.

The Salina Journal article is at this link:

In the Salina paper, Moran noted, “You’re going to have to support elected officials who say ‘No,’ not ‘Yes,’ ” Sen. Jerry Moran told a crowd of about 70 Wednesday morning at the Salina Bicentennial Center.

Hmmph!!! Moran is a man who won’t even try and clean up the trillion dollar defense and security budget. Then he tells Kansans they cannot rely o him to help build community centers or jobtraining centers in their community!



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