Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Candidate Kevin Supports this Constitutional Amendment

As online candidate for the presidency in 2012, I fully support Public Citizen’s call for this constitutional amendment to be added as soon as possible in the USA. I encourage all godd citizens to unite, organize, and pass this measure to help save Representative Democracy in America–Kevin Anthony Stoda


As former orator-in-chief George W. Bush astutely noted, elections have consequences.

Allowing our elections to be decided by massive corporations that put profits before people has consequences, too.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling spoiled the American political landscape.

Public Citizen predicted the devastating impact of the decision even before it was handed down. We’ve been working ever since to counteract it. And thousands upon thousands of you have joined us in a nationwide grassroots movement to overturn it.

I’m writing today to reflect on the consequences of Citizens United v. FEC and to update you on our constitutional amendment campaign. And I’m writing to ask for your help to sustain this critical movement as it begins to take hold.

What have the consequences of Citizens United v. FEC been so far?

Corporate candidates swept to power in Congress last November, aided and abetted by Citizens United-enabled funding. Now they are imperiously pushing legislation to reward their corporate backers.

They’re trying to gut health, safety, environmental, financial and other regulatory protections.

They’re trying to deny victims of corporate wrongdoing the right to justice.

And they’re trying to bestow favors on Big Oil, Wall Street, the pharmaceutical behemoths, job-offshoring multinationals and corporate tax cheats.

Contribute whatever you can today to support the movement to rescue our democracy from the clutches of corporate power and its political puppets.

The affliction is hardly limited to Republicans. Leading Democratic strategists are admitting that they won’t sit on the sidelines and let Republicans collect all the corporate cash in the next election.

And corporate money had a huge influence in state races as well, helping set the stage for efforts to strip employees of collective bargaining rights, privatize state governmental operations, cut corporate taxes, and remove state regulatory restraints on corporate greed.

Perhaps the worst news of all is that Election 2010 was just a warm-up for Election 2012. It is a certainty that there will be far more — unprecedented amounts of — corporate money in the next national election.

The good news is that the public gets it.By overwhelming margins, people think corporations have too much political influence and the Supreme Court made the wrong decision.

Our challenge now is to educate, organize and mobilize.

Together, we’ve held hundreds of house parties across the country to help people learn about Citizens United v. FEC and plan more actions.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn the ruling.

More and more local and state officials are introducing resolutions for a constitutional amendment.

We’re working with activists and state officials to get bills introduced to mitigate the damage from Citizens United v. FEC.

And, as part of our ongoing effort to raise awareness about the ruling and our amendment campaign, we collaborated with filmmaker Annie Leonard on the recently released “The Story of Citizens United” video.

Support our work against runaway corporate power with a contribution of $40 or more and we’ll send you “The Story of Citizens United” on DVD.

Now we want to step up our on-the-ground organizing.

We’re fighting for — and planning to win — state and federal laws requiring full disclosure of corporate campaign spending, requiring corporate executives to obtain permission from shareholders before spending on elections, and prohibiting government contractors and lobbyists from campaign spending.

We’re continuing to advocate for public funding of elections.

And, of course, we’re building a movement for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC.

To do all this, we need your help. We need you to talk to your neighbors, gather petition signatures, blog, protest, write letters to the editor, call your members of Congress, and more.

And we need your financial help. Please make a generous donation to support our work today.

Together, we can do this.

Thank you for your support,

Robert Weissman
President, Public Citizen



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