Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I recall all too well how banking lobbies made it 100% or more difficult for families to even declare bankrupcy with the Republican-led bankrupcy codes of 2005. Now they want to turn back the clock and leave those who have gained health care in the past year without health care.–KAS

Dear Kevin,

Last week, on the first anniversary of the historic Affordable Care Act (ACA) the Republicans on the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee were holding a “public” hearing at the state capitol in Harrisburg, PA to attack the health care law. Except they’re not there to listen to the public and people like Pennsylvania’s Stacie Ritter, whose family had good insurance and still had to file for bankruptcy because of massive medical bills.

The Republicans don’t care about families like the Ritters. They want to repeal the new law that would help prevent other families from going through what happened to Stacie’s family. Stand with Stacie and millions of others who refuse to let the Republicans put the insurance companies back in charge of our health care. Fight back against these partisan attacks on America’s middle class.

Stacie and her husband Ben had to pay huge fees for the treatments their twin girls, Hannah and Madeline, needed when they were diagnosed with leukemia. It was too much and they went bankrupt. Thankfully Hannah and Madeline are doing well today but Republicans in congress want to take us back to a time where insurance companies could deny them coverage because of their medical history.

While the Republicans play politics and grandstand, Stacie and hundreds of others will be telling the truth about the ACA in the Capitol Rotunda to make sure the stories of average Pennsylvanians are heard, especially those already benefiting from the law’s many cost savings and consumer protections. Join us and fight back today.

The ACA is providing life-changing benefits, cost-savings and protections that are making a huge difference in people’s lives right now. But, the ACA is about more than health care. It’s also about economic security for families struggling to make ends meet. We can’t preserve and expand the middle-class if people have to worry about health care.

Stacie says it best, “This is America,” she says. “I knew we could do better with our heath care than we’ve done in the past and I’m glad we have this law. We won’t go back. We’ve got to move forward.”

Join the fight today to protect America’s middle class families.

In Solidarity,
Melinda Gibson



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