Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell Senate to Cut Budget Elsewhere: “DON’T KILL THE EPA!”

The Wilderness Society reports, “Last week, the House Majority — on a virtual straight party-line vote — passed an extreme bill that terminated funding for dozens of important environmental programs. One example: the bill would block Interior Secretary Salazar’s new policy that restored protection to millions of acres of wilderness — quality public lands across the West.”

The Wilderness Society says, “If the bill becomes law, we will return to a Bush-era policy of degrading and even destroying America’s wilderness through oil and gas development, off road vehicle abuses, and other forms of development.”

In short, “[t]his radical legislation if passed in the Senate would:

(1) Cut EPA’s budget by 30 percent and cripple the agency’s ability to reduce greenhouse gases that endanger public health and contribute to global warming;
(2) Slash the Land and Water Conservation Fund by 87 percent;
(3) Eliminate $1.2 billion in science funding needed to move away from fossil fuels towards sustainable, non-polluting sources of energy;
(4) Prohibit EPA from enforcing Clean Water Act protections for thousands of American streams and wetlands, and eliminate all funding for the North American Wetlands Conservation Fund;
(5) Cut in half funding for cleanup efforts in the Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound, Long Island Sound, Great Lakes and Lake Champlain;
(6) Eliminate all funding for the Forest Legacy Program, which restores ecosystems damaged by logging and other forms of development;
(7) Cripple Endangered Species recovery efforts.”

WORSE STILL, The Wilderness Society NOTES, “the [insane] bill leaves untouched $4 billion in annual oil, gas and coal subsidies!”

The Wilderness Society notes that American Senators need to be contacted to save the destruction of almost all environmental oversight regulation in the USA.


In your contact with your senator, you might state:”I am appalled at what the Majority of the House of Representatives has attempted to do to our nation’s environmental laws. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s new Secretarial Order 3310 on Wild Lands would restore the importance of wilderness among the many values of our public lands. I fully support Secretary Salazar’s Wild Lands policy, and hope you will do all you can to prevent the House-passed language from being included in the final continuing resolution for this year.”and

“I also urge you to reject the Continuing Resolution passed by the House Majority. This is an extreme assault on conservation funding, not just for the Wild Lands policy, but for a host of America’s bedrock conservation laws. These cuts will do little to change the long-term deficit, but represent a radical abandonment of a century of bipartisan support for conservation and environmental protection in America.”



Blogger Kevin Anthony Stoda said...

Deadline Tomorrow
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Dear Kevin,

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would handcuff the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to protect polar bears from the impacts of carbon pollution.

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We're so grateful for the support we've already received, but we can't let Congress succeed in this new attack on polar bears' future.

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Help us fight to stop these attacks on polar bears' icy habitat from moving forward in the Senate--donate $42 today to help protect their future.

Right now, we're mobilizing tens of thousands of people to speak up at rallies across the country, alert their local paper, and put pressure on their Congressmembers who must be reminded that Americans want clean air for our wildlife and our communities. But these efforts take resources--and we rely on the support of people like you to continue these efforts.

We have gotten the support of hundreds of NWF Action Fund supporters who are joining the fight against big polluters for the future of polar bears, but we still need $12,000 to reach our new $40,000 campaign goal.

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