Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mayors state, "Now is the time to build support to Fix Gun Checks!"

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns ask you to contact the Senate and legislators now as the Senate is considering the right legislation for the first time in a half-a century.–KAS

Dear Kevin,

One of the highest-ranking members of the Senate just announced new legislation to fix our broken background check system. This is a huge moment, and now is the time to build support to Fix Gun Checks.

The legislation announced today by Senator Chuck Schumer, would take the two key steps we’ve been calling for to stop dangerous people from getting guns:

Get all the names of people who should be prohibited from buying guns into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).
Require a background check for every gun sale in America.

Our National Drive to Fix Gun Checks is already on the road, gathering petition signatures and raising awareness of the 34 Americans murdered with guns every day. But this new bill demands that we redouble our efforts in calling for reform.

Add your name to the petition and follow our National Drive to Fix Gun Checks.

43 years ago, after the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy, Congress passed the first legislation to stop dangerous people from purchasing guns.

Congress added a background check system two decades later to strengthen this landmark law. But the flaws in the system have been exposed again and again — in the massacres at Columbine and Virginia Tech, and last month at the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona.

Now, this legislation can fulfill the promise Congress made 43 years ago and help stop the senseless shootings that leave 34 Americans dead each day.

Please sign the Fix Gun Checks petition and show your elected officials where you stand:

This is our best chance for real, credible reform that will keep our families safe from gun crime. Let’s get as many people as possible to join us in this crucial fight.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns



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