Friday, February 25, 2011

Calling on Our Governments to instate a Robin Hood Tax--a levy on large international financial transactions to benefit the world’s poor

AS YOU KNOW, I am an independent candidate in 2012. I vow to have a a Robin Hood Tax implemented on as many firms and individuals as possible globally. As explained in the letter form Jubilee (below), such a global levy would be on "on large international financial transactions to benefit the world’s poor". Tell your Senators and Congressmen to get on the global bandwagon today, i.e. close these tax loopholes.--KAS

Dear Kevin,

Activists from Global South to North are donning green caps and calling on their governments to instate a Robin Hood Tax: a levy on large international financial transactions to benefit the world’s poor.
Now, in the U.S., we have our chance to take action. Representative Pete Stark (CA) has introduced the Investing in Our Future Act, which would place a .005% micro tax on big-time international currency gambling to raise funds for global public goods.
Not only could the Act help prevent speculative financial bubbles that make Wall St. rich and cause crisises for the poor, it would generate $5 billion each year for global health, climate change preparation in poor countries, and childcare for low-income Americans.
Ask your representative to co-sponsor this important and innovative legislation today!
In the wake of the financial crisis, low-income countries shouldn't have to take on new unsustainable debts to pay for economic recovery and climate disasters. Nearly $1.5 trillion changes hands on international currency markets every day, almost all of it through untaxed transactions made by wealthy speculators. Even a fraction of these funds could generate billions in new grant assistance.
Curbing Wall St. greed could fund global needs. Please ask your member of Congress to prevent financial crisis and prioritize the poor.
In an exciting turn of events, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to move forward on the issue of financial transaction taxes as head of the G-20 group of the largest economies. Now, the U.S. Congress should follow his lead. With harmful budget cuts on the table, there is no excuse to leave a resource like international currency exchanges completely untapped.
Join with concerned citizens around the world and help make this common sense legislation a reality in the United States. Ask your representative to co-sponsor the Investing in our Future Act today.
Katherine Philipson
Policy and Advocacy Fellow, Jubilee USA
P.S. To learn more about the Investing in Our Future Act, click here.
Join us for for Ecumenical Advocacy Days, March 25-28, 2011. Be part of an action weekend of worship, dialogue, workshops, and advocacy to speak out on issues of economic justice, peace, and gender equality. To register, go to:
If you are part of a Jewish faith community, you could host Jubilee Shabbat on May 14th, a day of prayer, worship, study, and action to end the cycle of poverty caused by international debt.



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