Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"I think our interests and his...align, especially on EPA stuff."

"I think our interests and his...align, especially on EPA stuff."
- Anonymous oil industry lobbyist on Rep. Fred Upton, House Energy & Commerce Committee Chair

Dear Kevin,
Sarah Palin, Fred Upton and others are leading the anti-environment charge.
We need 2011 LCV members to fight back.
Join LCV today.

There’s a new class of stridently anti-environment members of Congress -- taking their cues from Big Oil and the Tea Party and determined to undermine public health. At the top of their agenda in the 112th Congress? Radically undermine the EPA’s efforts to protect our families from deadly pollution, like mercury, arsenic, smog and carbon dioxide.
One of those members – Rep. Fred Upton – is the new chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Upton – who was recently spotted sitting in the front row at an oil industry sponsored event – is now leading the charge to give corporate polluters free reign to pollute the air we breathe.
Unfortunately, Upton isn’t alone. This past November, over 30 anti-environment Tea Partiers won their races, with stridently anti-environment leaders like Sarah Palin leading the charge.
And now, backed by Big Oil, inspired by Palin, and promoted by Fox News, these anti-environment members are out to cripple the EPA, weaken laws that protect us from toxic chemicals, and remove public health standards.
LCV is ready to expose these politicians’ radical agenda and protect our country’s most essential environmental and public health laws. We have the strategy and the expertise we need to win. Now, we need you to help us reach our 2011 member goal by January 31 so we have the resources ready to fight back.
When you join LCV today, you stand with the group that’s been winning and defending environmental progress for decades. And you help make sure we have the resources we need in the weeks and months ahead to fight Sarah Palin’s Tea Party agenda. With your support, we’ll be able to:
• Mobilize environmental activists to contact their elected officials via phone, e-mail and in-person prior to key votes
• Publish the National Environmental Scorecard, the most respected yardstick for measuring political leaders’ environmental records and holding them accountable
• Utilize new online organizing tactics, including various social media tools, to recruit and engage a new generation of clean energy advocates.
• Educate voters about the threats to landmark health and environmental protections and the benefits of creating a clean energy economy to build pressure for progress in the states, and from there to the national level
• Coordinate with our state LCV partners and other key allies to build a broad and diverse network of supporters in key states
We need your help when we go up against one of the most anti-environment Congresses in years.
LCV will publicize their dirty tactics and outrageous lies, and impose a political price on those lawmakers who put profits before people. But our success – and the future of our planet – depends on your immediate support.
Thank you for joining us at this critical moment.

Gene Karpinski
League of Conservation Voters



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