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Dear Bundesministerin Ursula von der Leyen, I agree with you that your Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth needs to take on more of the “R

Dear Bundesministerin Ursula von der Leyen,

I agree with you that your Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth needs to take on more of the “Rentenreform” or “Pension/Social Security Issues” from the rest of Germany’s Innenministerium (Ministry of the Interior).

One obvious problem in 2009 that is not being discussed properly at a national level (and should be) is the rapidly declining population of the country, which makes it very difficult to imagine that the working population of Germany will be adequate in size and monetary earning power to take care of retirees properly now and in the near future.

According to latest German press releases, Germany’s population has sunk for 9 straight years—at a time that post-war baby boomers are starting to retire en masse.

This rapid decline has occurred during and after the implementation of new nationalization laws (10 years ago) and immigration reform (4-7 years ago). In short, the nation of Germany has implemented so terribly draconian laws in terms of immigration that Germany no longer has sustainable population growth at all—a big reversal from the 1990s.

I am a foreigner working in Germany who does pay taxes and for other people’s social security (known as Renten in Germany) here.

At the same time MY FAMILY life has suffered unfairly all of 2009 because of the restrictive, unfair( and likely illegal, i.e. against EU law) restrictions prohibiting reunification and unification of families in Germany.

I currently have standing in courts in this case as victim in Germany because my wife of Filipino descent has been prohibited from receiving ether (1) a visit visa or (2) a spousal visa all of 2009.

The badly thought out set of laws in Germany has, in recent years, even led to less applications for migration to Germany (each year that the new migration law have been in place since 2005).

NOTE:::45,000dollars is not enough to live as a couple—according to the draconian immigration legislation.

In May 2009, I asked a local Auslaendsbehoerde (civil servant in Wiesbaden Hessen’s integration/immigration office) exactly how much I would need to earn in order to legally bring my wife to live with me as I work in Germany.

I asked exactly, “Would 30,000 Euros (45,000 dollars) be enough to get my wife a spousal visa?”

The woman shook her head, indicating that 45,000 dollars in a year is not enough for an American to bring his or her spouse here to live.

Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, don’t you think that is currently a ridiculously high restriction for anyone—let alone for Americans of German ancestry to face—in order to come and live in Germany?

Worse still, family and children are also affected by such a blindly bad monetary restriction.

Worse still, I earn or will have received as of end of November over 60,000-plus dollars (due to inheritance and a recently sold piece of property) in 2009 alone.

Nonetheless, I am being told by both the Wiesbaden Integration Office and the German Foreign Affairs office to-date, that I still do not earn enough to bring my wife over and reunite my household.

My wife has filed a petition against this decision with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I have tried to file a petition with the Ministry of the Interior in Germany---to no avail. (They told me to contact the Parliament of Hessen instead.)

In July 2009, I have filed a petition in the state of Hessen for an investigation concerning the torturous restrictions on my households—and similar households in Germany and abroad. Until now, the Hessen Landestag has had no influence on the somewhat out of control Integrationsamt offices in Wiesbaden, which seem to answer to no one.

Now, I ask that the Bundesministerin für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend, which you lead, to intervene on behalf of all citizens in Germany who are being adversely affected by draconian visa restrictions, which, in turn, are threatening the stability of German society by the inability of the country to gain fresh blood, youth, and technical or soft skills to support Germany’s aging and retiring populations.

Please support my test query immediately and help your nation (to which I am committed) see that there is an important link between family, seniors and fair migration legislation, i.e. legislation and civil servants within Germany and Europe are needed who really do support families—even foreign born parents.

Thank you,


Kevin Anthony Stoda
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USA Germany
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