Wednesday, October 28, 2009

PHILIPP ROESLER, of Vietnamese Descent. to Head the Health Ministry in Germany, as his own Party Plans to Push for more Free Market and Higher Fees

PHILIPP ROESLER, of Vietnamese Descent. to Head the Health Ministry in Germany, as his own Party Plans to Push for more Free Market and Higher Fees in the National Health Care Service Industry

By Kevin Stoda, Germany

Philipp Roesler, born Khan Hooa in Vietnam, has been selected to become the Minister of Health Care during this second term of governance under Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany starting this very week.

Roesler is the first South-East-Asian-born German to be appointed to such a high post in Germany. Roessler is an eye doctor by profession and is known as a man-of-the-people, especially due to the tone he displays when he speaks. Moreover, Roesler is quite able to take complicated themes and articulate them in simple & understandable ways for a mass audience. Roesler is only 36 years old and is thus the youngest cabinet member as well.

With Roesler’s own party, the FDP (Free Liberal Democratic Party), leading the way for Health Care reforms (especially in the area of decreased spending) in Germany over the coming months and years, the young politician, Philipp Roesler, has agreed to take on a daunting position at this time. Interestingly, Roesler also currently claims he will retire from politics by the age of 45. Perhaps this means, Roesler plans to be unpopular but get the job-done, which he will be setting out to do.

In the meantime, Roesler is considered a rising star all over the German political landscape. That is, he is possibly more popular than other politician at this moment in Berlin.

However, because both Roesler’s party, the FDP, and Chancellor Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party have been far too vague on what they exactly plan to do in many parts of the German regime over the next two to four years. This has vagueness after a month of planning and negotiating ha already made not only the opposition upset but has caused most of the German public to become irritated and suspicious of the new government. For example, the CDU-FDP coalition recently attempted to create “a shadow budget” (like the Clinton and Bush administrations did) to cover up deficit spending. This practice is considered unconstitutional in Germany.

At 9-months, the baby, Khan Hooa, was taken from his Vietnamese orphanage and adopted in Germany by a North Saxony couple. In North Saxony, the child was renamed Philipp Roesler. Later, the boy became a man and married another physician during his college days. They now have twins. He is a catholic-by-choice and joined the FDP in 1992. His grandfather and great grandfathers were politically active as well.

One thing that makes Philipp Roesler a man to watch is certainly the fact that his rise as a politician in Northern Germany reflects a growing tolerance within German society to peoples of different skin color and gender preferences. In addition, Roesler’s manner of talking makes him much-less elite-sounding than does his main counterpart in the FDP, Guido Westerwelle, who has been appointed in this same Chancellor Merkel cabinet to become the nation’s first publically gay minister (Foreign Minister).

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