Monday, October 12, 2009

Please Write in Support of my wife at the email to Dear Petitions Office Hessen Landtag,

The Hessen Landtag had agreed to help investigate the peculiar decision-making process used in visa offices across Germany to blackball migrants so that European laws on reunification of families could be ignored in 2009-2010.
Instead, the Integration Office simply are rebooting the process rather than investigating.

Dear Petitions Office Hessen Landtag,

This is the first letter enquiring why my petition from the 17th of July to have the Innenministerium´s criteria set aside and have my wife´s visa application reevaluated using wider and more helpful criteria in 2009.

I learned just this morning that, despite my petition to use better criteria, the Wiesbaden Integrationsamt is using the very criteria that should be being researched by the Petitionsausschuss and the the Wiesbaden Integrationsamt. Why is not that questionable criteria being put aside and a wide and friendly sort of evaluation implemented in my wife´s (visa) case.

I congratulate Wiesbaden for its recent honor as being labeled a Model Integration region in Hessen.

However, Wiesbaden ’s Integrationsamt can do a lot better.


As well, Hessen Landtag, if it would encourage more whistleblowing when something is crooked or broken in the system, could do a lot to support the Integrationsamt, too.

For example, despite my having filed a petition with the Landestag at the Petitionsamt in July 2009 because the current immigration- and visa questionnaires and visa calculating systems used in Hessen—and Deutschland not only unjust is but illegal), the Wiesbaden Integrationsamt continues to use those same extremely questionable criteria approved by some judge and the Innenministry some time ago.
They do this even though Integrationsamt personnel admit that in my case and in some others, “it is indefensible to ignore other income and earnings, etc.” as has been occurring as long as I have been in the country.

The decision-making calculus in questions is an archaic calculus, which is reminiscent of East Germany in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, which is nevertheless being used all over Germany—leaving the world with the impression that Germany is returning to darker days of the 20th century rather than trying to build and live for the 21st Century.

I have talked with several hundreds (or even thousands of residents) of Wiesbaden in recent weeks—from churchmen to Caritas volunteers to people who work in the Integrationsamt, Einwohnemedleamten, Finanzamt, in schools, and at workplaces, and what did I find?

NO ONE IN GERMANY today finds the current system used by the Bundesinnenministerium in Wiesbaden, Hessen to be appropriate for my case, my wife’s visa—and for perhaps the case of thousands of others of immigrants—who like me find them separated unfairly from their families.

Nevertheless, because Hessen Landtag and its ministry do not encourage whistle-blowing apparently, NO ONE in any ministry is willing to speak up and call a bad set of criteria recognized by some judge a few years back a piece of illegal practice in German burocratic machinery.

In short, the current Innenministerium´s means of calculating one’s ability to take care of one’s wife and family is based solely on income and not on currently received inheritance and savings. This is a system for the blind-to-lead the blind in decision making.

Moreover, the monetary calculus is race and nationality based. (I am always asked what nationality I have when these strange calculations are undertaken.) Finally, with the current deflation in the cost of living in the past year alone, the calculus developed and used for 2009 by the German Innenministerium is not helpful and outdated —except to label Germany as racist and immigrant unfriendly place. Is this the image you want the INTEGRATIONSAMT officers to continue to carry?


My wish to make Wiesbaden, Hessen and Germany a better place is why I filed my petition—because without my claim against the illegal basis used to bar my wife entry into Germany on June 23, 2009, I personally would have been in the dark at the thousands of mal-effected peoples and couples in and out of Germany.

In short, I could have given up on Wiesbaden and Hessen—taken the 8000 Euros I have spent in the last few months fighting for right—and left months ago.

Please Petitions Office, do not let the bad calculus and decisionmaking processes used in 2009 to continue to divide families and take Germany back into the darker days of the 20th Century.


Kevin Anthony Stoda
Wiesbaden 65185 Germany

p.s Write the Petitions Office and tell them to get Kevin's vife's visa handled properly. Here is the email address.



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