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Dear Foreign Representatives in INTEGRATIONS OFFICE and Foreign Citizen Advisers of Wiesbaden City Council,

Dear Foreign Representatives in INTEGRATIONS OFFICE and Foreign Citizen Advisers of Wiesbaden City Council,

Today is the day when a few more North Americans will be forced to leave Germany and move back to Canada because the current Visa handlers at the Integration Office in Wiesbaden, Hessen in Germany continue to apply (without whistleblowing) unfair and illegal or unfair treatment of foreigners based on race and nationality. This failure is explained in more detail in this WORPRESS article link.

Before I give my provocative speech, let me share with you that clearly this case of today’s Canadian family (who had moved to Wiesbaden two years ago in full-faith that Germany wanted highly trained technically talented foreigners here) is not a singular event.

I-for-one am expecting the Wiesbaden Integration Office to apply another illegal or questionable procedure to keep my wife from joining me during my working life here in Germany this 2009.

It is very likely that such an action to prohibit my wife joining me here in Germany will eventually force me to move to some country I have never lived in before to work next year. I would call that sort of policy an expulsion or exile. Wouldn’t you?

So, let’s look at the cards that have been dealt my wife and I since the beginning of 2009, i.e. when I moved to Wiesbaden on January 3.

On Monday, October 12, 2009 I was in the Representative for the Integration Office to the Foreign Representative Council. That morning, the representative for the foreigners council in Wiesbaden was on the phone to the head of the Integration Office for Wiesbaden. (The Integration office that claimed unfairly on the 23rd of June of this year that I was earning 147 Euros too little to bring my wife here to live in Germany--despite my paying three times that much to take care of her every month while she lives abroad.)

The Head of the Integration Office made a claim that made my jaw drop.

The Head of the Wiesbaden Integration Office claimed that the decision to deny my wife entry into Germany had only to do with my wages—i.e. it had nothing to do with either my wife’s or my nationality or race.

Oh, come now. Let’s discuss this.


Naturally, the current laws, procedures, and problematic handling of almost all visas in and outside of Germany are intrinsically race and nationalist-related.?!

Aren’t they?

Here are some examples:

(1) If my wife had an American passport or a European one, she would have certainly been allowed to accompany me on my flight to Frankfurt, Germany on January 3, 2009.

(2) If the Wiesbaden Integration office hadn’t put my employer under pressure in February and March 2009 to reapply for a severely restricted single year visa for me—rather than the anticipated multi-year visa I had been told I was, indeed, eligible for--, my wife would have been in Germany with me months ago.

(3) Since I, myself, do not come from a desired-land to work as an adjunct or associate professor or lecturer at German universities, etc., I was forced to accept the unexpectedly restricted visa at the end of March 2009. Because of these extreme restrictions, I have not been able to pick up extra work to overcome the supposed 147 Euro earnings hurdle through October 2009.

(4) If my wife was nor originally from Southeast Asia, her visa application would not have taken a full 5 ½ weeks to go from the German Embassy in Kuwait—where she and I had lived for five years or more—to Wiesbaden Germany this spring.

(5) Likewise, if my wife and I had not been married in the country of Kuwait, our marriage certificate would not have been called into question by the Wiesbaden Integration Officials so severely in May 2009.

(6) At the end of May 2009, although I again flew from Frankfurt to Kuwait and tried to pick up my wife in order to bring her to Germany, I was not permitted to do so. However, I did have the opportunity on that journey to visit the German Embassy. Over the window where visas are applied for in that German Embassy is a sign with the following statement: “Peoples of these countries will have to wait at least 10 days before their visa application in the German Embassy in Kuwait will even be looked at it.” Among those countries listed were many South Asian and Southeast Asian lands—oh no, that is where my wife is from!!!> No one at that German Embassy could deny that race and nationality play a factor in how our visas are handled.

(7) If I was from many other lands, besides the USA, I would have likely received more written- and vocal support for my wife’s cause starting in July when I was forced to file a petition with the Hessen Parliament asking for an investigation of the unfriendly and probably illegal policy which was used to bar my wife’s entry into Germany the month before. I am simply being hyperbolic [i.e. provocative] here—but where exactly are the far East and South Asians or North & South Americans of Wiesbaden represented on the Foreigner Council in Wiesbaden?

(8) If I was from a country more geographically closer to Germany, it is likely that my wife’s visa would have been accepted on the 23rd of June 2009. This because different rules based upon nationality are used when calculating earning needs. However, no one at the visa offices ever told me what the earnings minimums are or were. By the way, my wife’s visa to join me here was turned down even though on top of my regular contracted salary in Germany in 2009, I will have received around 20,000 dollars in all from my father as inheritance this same year. The Integration Office has refused to consider these or any other moneys because I am from the USA.

(9) If either my wife or I were from many other countries, perhaps she would certainly be here by now—if for no other reason than because my employer and I will have tossed nearly 20,000 euros in the form of taxes and required health care fees into the local Wiesbaden economy in 2009—even as I received 33,000 euros as salary, etc. to toss in, too.

In the article mentioned above I have also described the experience of my predecessor at my own firm here in Germany.

Three or so years ago, my predecessor at my job here in Wiesbaden had arrived from England accompanied by his wife, a Taiwanese woman who had lived for more than a decade in the UK. My predecessor enjoyed his work but unfortunately every single month, he (like me) had to fight to get his wife some more permission to stay and live with him legally in Germany. The upshot was that he and his wife fled to Canada at the end of 2008.

In short, the visa approval and application system is based to a great degree on race and nationalism—or Eurocentrism. Such racist or anti-non European procedures are used at the immigration offices in Wiesbaden around Germany and abroad.

This is why I ask that you meet with me.

In summary, with this letter I ask of the (Auslaenderbeirat Wiesbadens) Foreign Citizen Advisers of Wiesbaden City Council, that you undertake these two key steps as soon as possible.

(1) The Foreign Citizen Advisers of Wiesbaden City Council or Auslaenderbeirat Wiesbadens needs to write letters in support of my request or petition in Parliament [an den Voreiterzendes des Petitionsausschusses Hessens] and to the Bundesinnenministerium to demand that the uninformed standard criteria be set aside—i.e. this current biased criteria fails to take into account my financial inheritance and other earnings for 2009 when deciding whether I can afford to take care of my wife in Germany.
(2) Invite me to come by and give me face to face advice and council. Too many Americans—of both North and South—and East Asians do not have as much experience as Turkish and Near Asian settlers in Germany. We need more advice.

Finally, the processes of issuing my own visa and the processes of denying my wife’s visa since January 2009 appears to be racist in at least one other key way.

This phenomena is in the manner that the Hessen Integration Office in Wiesbaden and Bundesinnenmisterium (as well as German foreign offices) appear to be simply extending my separation from my wife because she and I are not of direct European descent.

You might claim that Germany has the right to such a policy.

Let me give you a metaphor for this process for keeping man and wife separated for years at a time against European law and against tolerant traditions. This process is called eugenics.

In other words, the reason for keeping my wife and I separated has nothing to do with money, it has to do with the fact that my wife is still of child-bearing age. The continued forced separation is seen by the Integration Office as a means of providing a condom between my wife and I on continental Europe.


NOTE: (1) I have already flown out of the country to my wife three times this year, i.e. my financial status in flying to my wife is not the real issue. (2) Likewise, in my visit to the Philippines over a 5 week period THIS SUMMER, whereby I always had to pay to stay in a hotel, I had spent already 4000 Euros or more. In short, money is not the reason my wife is being kept out of Germany. (3) During August 2009 I bought property and got a building permit in the Philippines for my wife and I. In short, we have enough money to build a house. Money is absolutely not the key issue here.

The key issue is to keep my wife and I celibate on continental Europe.

In summary, separation is the goal of the current integrationsamt (Integration Office as well as Bundesinnenministerium and Foreign offices’) policy. This seperationist policy is equal to a metaphorical Chastity Belt for foreign workers in Germany (or Europe) in 2009.

In other words, throughout 2009 I have faced all kinds of pressures from the Civil Servants here in Wiesbaden and at various ministries here and abroad simply to keep me from having time with my wife in Germany or Europe—as any normal couple would hope to do if they have enough money (and are not out to make trouble here) and the husband works here teaching hundreds of Germans at the university level.

In short, the Civil Servants at the Integration Offices could use much better policies and practices than they are using now.

These same officials could also unify family members with one another more quickly in Germany if that was the actual goal or policy intended by the current dragging rules and regulation in Germany today.

No, the real goal seems to be to keep people of non-European parentage from being created or born in Germany as of 2009.

I can think of no better metaphor than a CHASTITY BELT to describe this policy and these practices experienced by my wife and I since January 2009.

In this sense, a sort of eugenics is now officially or unofficially being practiced here in Germany and some other European lands. This is likely why my UK predecessor and his wife fled to Canada in 2008.

This is why I ask that the Council of Foreign Persons for the Integration Office and City of Wiesbaden speak up and call these practices what they are before the Hessen Landtag.


By now, it is clear I think that there is evidence to claim that the policy, rules, and criteria to keep my wife and I separated are based on Race and Nationality. These racist and nationalist roots need to be called into question and a truly fair due-process must be demanded for foreign workers now and in the future.

I thank you for reading to this point and thank you for your support in my wife’s and my cause—and ask for further support for ALL other foreigners in Germany who have been left out in the cold without awareness of rights etc. that are or should be available here.



Kevin Anthony Stoda



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