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DEAR PROGRESSIVES, Should I Change my Name to “GENERAL” in Order to Be Elected President???

DEAR PROGRESSIVES, Should I Change my Name to “GENERAL” in Order to Be Elected President???

By Kevin Stoda, On-Line candidate for Democrats and Republicans for the US Presidency in 2008

As many of you recall, I have been running an on-line experiment.

That is, I am running for President of the United States (and several other offices, like Senator from Kansas) on-line. The experiment is to see how many votes I can receive without spending a dime (or penny). I will simply push the envelope.

Since terrible Tuesday is over in Pennsylvania, I thought I would stand up and remind the front runners—That’s right: You, John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!—that I’m still running, whether your cronies in the remaining primary states put me on the ballot or not.

(Don’t turn your heads, I might be gaining on you.) Here is the beginning of my platform.

First of all, I want all Americans to have a single-payer system for health insurance in 2009. This would only be partially socialized—as most doctors and hospitals would be private. (Why not, since we have socialized banks and fully socialized military contractors.)

Second, I want a peace dividend in 2009 and onwards to be used to transform America’s energy and transportation sectors. That means a transportation system of fast trains, trains that can load cars and trucks in less than 5 minutes, and solar and wind power pumping away like never before.

I’d also like that peace dividend used to build hospitals and promote jobs in the USA—not just overseas and in Iraq or Afghanistan as is the U.S. government strategy currently.

Third, I want food security and clean water for everyone—in the USA and abroad.

Fourth, I want to get the judicial system and legislation system into appropriate balance with the executive branch. (We can’t keep letting the derriere to run the whole train.) That is, the buck doesn’t stop at the White House currently; it is blindly and stupidly paid forward and takes money out of the poorest homeowners and homeless’s pockets. This is a constitutional issue of great emergency status. This may involve the arrest of current officials, but let justice be served.

Fifth, I want the environment to be better supported—even if it means transferring billions from homeland security and DOD to parks and waterways around the globe. Also, I would get China to join the USA in fighting increases in Greenhouse gases by explaining to the Chinese that it is within great Chinese Daoist tradition that harmony be created between doing business and nature.

I would support all kinds of technological transfers to get China and India on board. Business partnerships in creating non-petroleum based energy creation is a key and employable plan.

Sixth, I want foreign languages to be required in all states and in the elementary and secondary levels, so we all can keep up with the global economy. (Much of the literature in Arabic still takes, for example, a decade to be translated well into English. The same goes for Mandarin and Japanese or Korean. How can we use our personal suasion to change the bad U.S. economic situation in the long term if we have to wait for translators or depend on foreign translators 100% of the time.)

In the last 50-60 years, we saw billions and trillions of dollars of cash and gold leave the USA to go abroad because American business was clueless about certain foreign markets and cultural phenomena. A peace dividend would be used to promote young Americans becoming proficient in three or more languages.

Knowledge is a key America!!!!!

Finally, I want more scholarships for hardworking students, and I want cheaper higher education for all. I want good schools and better learning everywhere—but not by simply making tests and praying they bring about change and accountability.

NOTE: I am open to more suggestions. Add your own comment below!


I was listening to Tuesday’s Democracy Now’s (DN) review of the Pentagon’s puppetry scandals at CNN and other TV news sources over the past 6 years.

That is, the Pentagon and Bush-Cheney White House purposefully had talking points written up for dozens and dozens of former generals and officers to spend 2002 and early 2003 drumming a Gobles-style march of America into war in Iraq.

This report was noted in a New York Times article last Sunday, but DN and FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting) have reported this fact for years.

The strategy of the White House and Pentagon was simple: (1) Make war on Afghanistan and (2) hint loudly that the news stations needed to have more weapons and war experts on call to narrate present and future battles and wars!!!

This vicious circle has continued in this way: (3) These same paid former generals and other military types encouraged the country to go to war, or they directly dazzled viewers with war images while those pundits spoke.

An alternative to continuing this high level of feeding between Pentagon, ex-Pentagon, and News Sources was as follows: (4) Have the war in Iraq followed by a Civil War, so that even more former military officers could get jobs on the tube and other media fronts worldwide.

What a wonderful war- and money-making concept, eh?

In the meantime, CNN and other news sources will continuously refuse to employ and pay pro-Peace Americans. This is why silence was sickening in the run-up to the war and in the case of many public issue campaigns on the war-costs to American’s physically, financially, and psychologically.

All this is explained at:
There is audio for that article, “Pentagon Pundits: A Look at the Defense Department’s Propaganda Program”, demonstrating the past 11 years of research on the continuing black-washing of American peace voices occurring since prior to the U.S.’s war in Kosovo.

Meanwhile Pentagon and TV spinners continue to manipulate Americans and are paid by our tax-payer supported executive branch. That is, they all continued misleading the American public despite the fact that the U.S. government told its Pentagon public relations people, etc. in 2003, “We actually don’t have hard evidence right now that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.” Did any of them go on the air and say that? No. The Pentagon, I think, had total control and total faith that these guys would deliver the message that they intended to deliver to the public, and that’s exactly what they did, and the media did very little to counteract this overwhelming propaganda campaign from the Pentagon.

Finally, “Should I change my name to ‘General’ in order to get my views recognized by the press in America????”

In short, within this context and crisis in media and governance whereby the USA news corporations and their drones, like Aaron Brown of CNN, worship and pay (financially and with respect) ex-military personnel to such a degree that they don’t question them, i.e. they behave like parishioners in a church, synagogue, or mosque who don’t question the minister or priest at a pulpit.

This all should be illegal—and I suggest making it illegal for military personnel to lobby for (or be hired by) media and private military-dependent concerns for 5 or more years after they leave the military.

However, in the meantime, I believe that in order to win the presidency and to gain air time for a progressive Republican and Democratic 2009 victory I should change my name.

What do you suggest?


Perhaps thousands and thousands of other progressives should change their first name to GENERAL, too.

Perhaps, then we could get the respect in American and World media we deserve, . . . couldn’t we?

As I am not allowed to officially change my name—as during this online reality contest, I am not allowed to personally spend a dime--, you can call me “General” if you want—as long as you do it with respect and adoration like CNN and Murdoch’s babies give to those other generals.


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