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OBVIOUS REASONS that Kansans Need to Sack Republican Senator Pat Roberts in 2008

OBVIOUS REASONS that Kansans Need to Sack Republican Senator Pat Roberts in 2008

By Kevin Stoda, internet anti-war candidate for U.S. Senate (KS)

Kansans need set the tone for the whole nation these 2008 U.S. elections, i.e. by getting rid of Senator Pat Robertson (Bush-Cheney crony) as soon as possible.

Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas has again and again failed to take positions of good judgment on issues over the last decade. Roberts has also been found absent when big votes are up on the Hill in Washington D.C., e.g. refusing to vote on the Feinstein cluster bomb reduction bill or to vote on Casey’s Responsible Lending and Expanded Debt Cancellation bill.

Meanwile, in other Senate votes, Roberts has supported increased sanctions, demagoguery, and military posturing towards Iran, rather than negotiating. Roberts also voted against key immigration legislation by refusing to force cloture on the floor of the Senate and by voting against the Immigration Dream bill.

Starting with Roberts’ failures in the early part of this decade to stave off the poisonous Republican-led invasion and occupation of Iraq (i.e. no WMDs)—costing Kansas tax payers billions of dollars in the interim--, Roberts has continued to support skewed tax policies and has generally not used his moral and political party authority to reign in Neo-con adventurism with Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine.

Worse still, instead of supporting good universities and good research in America, Roberts promotes hiring university students to work for the CIA, etc. during their college years.


Senator Roberts has not done Kansas proud in the most recent congressional sessions, either.

Roberts is on the Senate’s Select Ethics Committee, but he has never considered investigating either investigating or impeaching any leading Republicans—e.g. George W. Bush, President or Richard Cheney, Vice-President for lying to congress or thwarting the constitution by rewriting international standards on torture and war-making. Neither has Roberts supported the people in their outrage against having their phones and e-mails unnecessarily and groundlessly tapped.

Roberts is on the Senate’s Standing Finance Committee, which has overseen the worst economy since the 1930s. He and his oversight buddies in the Senate helped in the creation of this major recession while cutting taxes to the wealthiest and overspending in many pork barrel projects. Nor has Roberts held the line on defense spending. (Kansas needs a Harry Truman-type of Senator—not a revolving door for big military contractors.)

Roberts is on the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions. Children are still getting left behind and testing has not been well directed in schools. Healthcare costs for the many people who are underemployed or underpaid in Kansas are still way out of control.

He is also supported by big drug companies to a great degree.

Roberts has also recently voted against bills to improve the energy efficiency of automobiles in the U.S. The energy costs effect Kansas more than those peoples in most other states due to the huge distances Kansans off need to travel. Energy costs especially hurt the elderly, who are on fixed incomes.


Looking at Senator Roberts’ home page, one of his big interests is to promote businesses becoming dependence on the federal government or federal spending. Here is one of his links that explains the wheres and hows of doing business with the federal government:

The only good investment opportunity with great backwash that could help Kansas businesses would be Roberts’ verbal support of “wind energy”, i.e. energy which Kansas already exports as far away as Florida. However, Roberts doesn’t discuss the creation of gasohol in the USA that is not made from corn. How neglectful when Kansas can grow alternative fuel producing crops, such as sugar beets and a variety of grasses, much more cheaply and while using less water and fertilizer!

In short, Roberts is not a forward thinker.

He is a “yes” man and he covers up for bad policy and bad politicians:

Roberts supported a war in Iraq in 2003—not because Saddam Hussein was a real direct threat nor because Saddam Hussein was promoting global terrorism—but simply because he liked the idea of the U.S. taking over Iraq.

Roberts, like his mentors (George W. Bush and Dick Cheney), thought taking over Iraq would be cheap. He thought a short war would be good for the economy and Kansans always needs jobs in the army reserve, etc. This kind of thinking should not be in charge or our nation’s finance plans in the Senate or anywhere.

Moreover, Roberts is disingenuous in his pronouncements. For example, on his own website, he claims to support the status quo in gun control and legislation. Yet, in 2005

Roberts cosponsored a bill which promotes reckless sales of weaponry in America in a land already having trouble keeping weapons our of hands of mass-murderers on a monthly basis.

Most sadly, Roberts continues to support continuing endless wars in Iraq and elsewhere. He has had many chances to stand against war and has never moved to end cloture or to vote for reducing military commitment and spending—leaving more and more Kansas worried about war and becoming another victim of war.


Not only do Kansans need to get rid of Senators, like Roberts and Brownback, starting in 2008, the whole U.S. voting public is called to throw the bums out in 2008.

Help make America and the world a better place to live in starting with the U.S. Senate this autumn!

If Pat Roberts and other U.S. Senators won’t do the right thing by American veterans of war, clean the capital, please, America!



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