Sunday, February 12, 2012

What employers really think of our campaigns? LabourStart What employers really think of our campaigns!!

What employers really think of our campaigns

We don’t often get to hear the internal discussions taking place in a company we’ve targetted for one of our campaigns. But very recently, we did get to hear this — which comes from an email an employer sent to a union:

“We are shocked that the international campaign against our company has been accompanied by a criminal electronic spam attack directed against our CEO’s email account with more than 20,000 spam mails. It appears that the attack was made possible by illegally hacking into a provider account. In this regard, please note that we will file criminal charges and reserve all our rights.”

Wow – we seem to have made someone very angry. The result was that this employer finally agreed to engage in serious negotiations with the union.

We have an ever better quote from a current campaign — an employer asking how to prevent receiving thousands of emails (and the union telling them exactly what they need to do). Sadly, we don’t have permission (yet) to share the details of that story with you.

All our active campaigns are online here. Spread the word – online campaigns work!

Fighting precarious work online and offline

Dock workers in New Zealand have called for international support in their campaign against the decision to outsource their jobs. You can learn more about their struggle here and sign their petition here.

Meanwhile, Israel is in the grip of a general strike as unions demand that the government reduce the use of casual labour. There’s full coverage of this important struggle on LabourStart.

LabourStart on Twitter – toward 10,000 followers

Without making a big deal about it, LabourStart’s presence on Twitter has grown enormously. In fact, it’s doubled in the last year from 2,790 followers to 5,511 today. Twitter is probably the fastest way to learn about new campaigns and breaking global labour news stories. Let’s try to double that number yet again, and reach 10,000 followers. You can help by spreading the word in your union – and by becoming a follower yourself at We also now have Twitter feeds in 13 other languages – visit our home page in your language and click on the ‘Follow’ link in the upper left corner.

Live in Australia? This is for you

LabourStart is going to hold its third annual global solidarity conference in Sydney on 26-29 November. (Make sure you sign up on the Facebook event page.) We need locals like you to help build the organizing committee which has already formed in Sydney. Please email if you can help.

Have a great weekend!

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