Sunday, February 12, 2012

A new NBC investigation shows how legal loopholes let dangerous people buy guns online -- no background check, no questions asked

Dear Kevin,

NBC’s Today Show just aired a shocking seven-minute exposé of the sprawling online black market for guns. This investigation was inspired by a recent New York City undercover probe of illegal online sales - and the incredible work supporters like you are doing to force Washington to focus on this deadly loophole in our laws.

And you won’t believe the worst part. Investigators met a gun seller in a mall parking lot and easily bought a military-grade, 50-caliber sniper rifle powerful enough to take down a helicopter. All with no background check – and no questions asked.

You helped introduce legislation in Congress that would stop these kinds of sales and fix our broken background check system. But Congress has failed to act.

We can no longer allow guns to get into the hands of dangerous people without a simple, instant background check. It’s time to demand answers.

Watch NBC’s exposé of our broken background check system, then call your Senators to demand answers.

NBC even hired a former federal law enforcement official to aid the investigation. He didn’t mince words about the dire situation:
“It’s like a weapons bazaar for criminals. There’s no background check: Anybody -- somebody that has a murder conviction -- can simply log on, email someone, meet 'em in a parking lot, and buy a freaking AK-47.”
The loopholes in the law make buying deadly guns with no question asked easy. And every day, 34 Americans are murdered with guns. Please join us in asking our leaders to put a stop to the deadly toll gun crime takes on families and communities around the country. Demand answers from Congress.

Thanks for taking action,
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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