Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NEWS FROM MISSOURI–”When being #1 is not so hot!!!”

Subject: When being #1 is not so hot

Friend –
Tell Our GOP Opponents to Demand Disclosure on Outside Spending If you watch TV sporting events in America, you always see those giant foam hands with the index finger pointing skyward, with a delirious fan shouting “We’re Number 1!”
Unfortunately, in this case we are number one. My campaign for the Senate is now the number one target of the GOP Super PACs, masterminded by Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and Lord only knows who else. They have spent more money against me than any other Democratic senator in the country.
Two years ago today, the Supreme Court issued one of its most misguided decisions in Citizens United v. FEC, opening the floodgates to massive, unaccountable, and untraceable election spending.
Nowhere is the effect of that decision more evident than in our race for U.S. Senate in Missouri. It is insulting to voters to feed them garbage from unknown sources, and expect those distortions to win out, just because they have so much money.
It’s damaging to our democratic process, and it needs to stop.
So today I’m making it known to anyone who wants to support our campaign or attack our opponents: I demand that you either disclose who funds your ads or keep them off the air.
I’m also sending a letter to our potential Republican opponents, asking them to join me in making this call to any outside groups on their side.
I’d love to have your support when I deliver the message to the Republican candidates. Click here to add your name to my letter now and tell them to demand disclosure for all outside ad spending.
There’s a fundamental issue of trust here. Democracy is about public accountability.
People who have something to say to influence an election must say it openly and publicly.
So if you’re watching TV, and you see one of these ads come on that doesn’t tell you who funded it — don’t believe it. Don’t believe anything it says, no matter who it’s supporting or opposing, even if it seems like it’s trying to help me.
Our campaign doesn’t need that kind of help, and neither do my opponents’ campaigns.
That’s why I’m asking my potential opponents to join me and repudiate anonymous, unaccountable outside spending now. Click here to join me, too.
In the two years since Citizens United became the law of the land, it’s already shown why it’s a grave threat to our democracy. We must keep fighting for what’s right.
Thank you for your support,
Claire McCaskill



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