Monday, January 23, 2012

Who or what is the biggest impediment to jobs in America in 2012?

Who or what is the biggest impediment to jobs in America in 2012?

–Barack Obama and his cronies
-China and some other countries
–Reaganomics and its adherents
–Tea Party and its Candidates
-anti-social contract capitalism *
–capitalism itself
-socialist tendencies or welfare state

*I want to make an extrapolation to one of the options above, namely “anti-social contract capitalism “.

Prior to the end of the Cold War there were several third way alternatives to super free-market capitalism advocated by Ronald Reagan and the Chicago School of Economists in the USA as THE STANDARD for capitalism for this planet Earth.

One of these “capitalism with a human face models” was prevalent in central and northern European countries. There are remnants of this capitalism still around the globe today in societies which still take seriously contracts–i.e. social contracts between state, its people, and the social and political economies of those states.

With the collapse of communism and the rise of of financial- and corporate- “social-irresponsible” capitalism from the late 1970s onwards, many of these states, for example, Germany, stopped teaching corporate responsibility for society in schools and universities.

Now, in Germany, and in most other lands, social contracts and corporate responsibility to the state and the people making up that union have been discontinued to a large degree . In the USA, it has gotten worse than in other places because the idea of social responsibility for corporations and businesses were never seriously taught there, i.e. not as an American ideal of state, nation nor people–at least not since the 1940s.

In other words, there were once-upon-a-time in many countries on this planet offering prior to 1980 a plethora of options to the kind of capitalism we have been being spoon-fed (to digest) by Western media and poor economic and social education in our schools.

If capitalism is worth saving in the long run, it will need to contain and respect a social contract–one that promotes employment and sustainable environments for work living and raising our children.

** I want to state that the poll was inspired as is by the Republican candidates for president debating this past week in South Carolina. One candidate got a lot of public support for his claim that Obama is responsible for the lack of jobs in America.

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