Tuesday, August 02, 2011

East Africa is currently in the midst of its worst drought in over 60 years

Letter from the Editor
East Africa is currently in the midst of its worst drought in over 60 years. Consecutive years of failed rains have caused devastating losses of crops, livestock, and incomes across the region, and right now over 11.6 million people are at risk of starvation.

The UN has called it the "world's worst humanitarian crisis" in decades, yet US media coverage of the situation has been largely overshadowed by other news and events.

Plan has been on the ground in three of the drought-hit countries – Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Sudan – providing life-saving aid to affected children and families. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, 1.4 million people are already receiving aid.

But thousands of families still need your help. If you haven't already given, please consider making a donation to help children and families facing starvation in East Africa. You can also help us increase awareness of the crisis by forwarding this newsletter on to your family and friends.

Thank you again for helping children and families in need.

Latest update on Plan's response
Plan's response now reacing 1.4 million people Plan's drought response now reaching 1.4 million people
Thanks to your generosity, Plan's emergency operations are now helping over 1.4 million people affected by the drought. Find out how you are helping to save lives in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.
Read our latest update>>

From the field
Plan distributes food in drought-hit Ethiopia Video - See Plan distributing food aid in Ethiopia
See your donations in action at a food distribution point in Wondogenet, Southern Ethiopia. At this distribution site, Plan is providing emergency aid – including maize, beans, and high-calorie oil – to over 4,000 people affected by the drought.
Watch the video>>

Case studies: Meet drought victims in Ethiopia Case studies: Meet drought victims in Ethiopia
Adanech is a mother of 5 in Ethiopia’s Shebedino area. The long dry season has left her without food and too weak to produce milk for her young baby. Read her story, and hear from other families coping with the drought in Ethiopia.
Read more>>

Plan launches $15 million emergency response in Kenya Hear from drought-affected families in Kenya
Plan staff on the ground in Kenya speak with families affected by the brutal drought. Hear firsthand how the crisis is affecting their lives, and how they are trying to cope.
Learn more>>

Featured blog post from the affected region
Girls bear the brunt of the food crisis Girls bear the brunt of the food crisis
As families face hunger in East Africa, women and girls are usually the first to go hungry. The responsibility for finding food falls on their shoulders, and economic pressures often force girls to drop out of school or marry early. Plan UK’s Rose Foley weighs in from the field.
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