Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Trouble with Californian Communities and Corporate Housing–Hyprocracy and Hybrids”

Last week, my friend in the Bay area, Tim Lohrentz wrote on Facebook, “The apartment complex I was going to move in to told me that I can’t due to my electric car – they don’t want a cord dangling out my window and 30 feet to where the car would be parked. So I am looking again.”

The town that this occurred in was Petaluma. Lohrentz wrote,”It’s a great town. Petaluma is a Maya-Miwok name that means ‘bounty of the earth pouring out’.”

One friend appropriately inquired, “[I]sn’t that some sort of housing discrimination? anti-eco-carism or something? you are out there in California where all new environmental law starts…sounds like the beginning of a case to me…?”

Lohrentz responded, “Technically I could have the car there, they just wouldn’t let me ever plug it in. I think the marketing/image approach has more potential than the discrimination approach. LOL”

Most comments have been as follows:



“Hope you find a place soon that will let you plug in!”

“Not like[ly].”



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