Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Senator Moran from Kansas a Moron or Does he work for a Fascist 5th Column trying to topple the USA

The Senator from Kansas supports the Fascist approach of the Koch Brothers.--KAS

Due to State and Federal Budget Cuts in last year, America has lost an extra 3/4 million jobs:Now the Post Office near you is On The Block

The U.S. federal government and U.S. state governments are making the unemployment level higher and higher by cutting programs & services right and left. Meanwhile failing to raise taxes to boost the economy and increase jobs is one of AMERICA’S TOP 2 OR 3 CONCERNS. However, the Congress Republicans and a few Democrats are making Americans worse off by ruining the dollar and threatening the economy further by playing CHICKEN with our debt ceiling.

Many Americans, like traffic controllers, are already keeping the country operating on a volunteer basis till Congress gets its act together. (We need to impeach many Congressmen–especially those who are advocating cuts but not refilling the federal and state coffers!!!!)–KAS

Now, the Post Office is closing more and more jobs.

(Wall Street Journal) – Some 3,653 post offices, mostly in small communities, are targeted for possible closure this year under a plan expected to be released by the US Postal Service on Tuesday.

The post offices, on a list that will be made public Tuesday by Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, were chosen because they get the “least amount of foot traffic and retail sales” and because there may be local businesses that could provide some postal services to the community, said agency spokeswoman Sue Brennan.

“Most of them are in smaller communities, but not all of them,” she said, adding that the post offices, about 11 percent of the total, are spread across the nation.

Moves to close post offices are often unpopular, since many people see them as connecting rural areas and small towns to the rest of the nation. Doctors on the South Dakota plains deliver medicine through post offices, while towns in rural Kentucky and Iowa and elsewhere rely on their post offices as local gathering spots. The postal agency already has closed 100 post offices since January, prompting uproar in many of the affected communities.

The financially struggling Postal Service has been talking about paring its network of 32,000 brick-and-mortar post offices for months but has not released a formal list of targeted post offices. The agency, which is supported by postal fees, has faced record losses because of retiree health costs and declining mail volume as more people communicate digitally. Donahoe has recently talked about closing 16,000 post offices over the next 10 years, Brennan said.

In a step toward possibly closing the 3,653 post offices, the agency plans to file a request with postal regulators on Wednesday for a “national change of service,” Brennan said. The Postal Regulatory Commission would have to approve widespread closings.

Donahoe also will announce “a replacement strategy,” or a plan to have third-party retailers provide services in places that lose a post office. “If you’re a community and there is a local convenience store, for example, we might be reaching out to these organizations to see if they would be interested in providing limited postal service for the community that might be affected,” Brennan said.


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