Saturday, June 25, 2011

Girls and boys in overcrowded refugee camps in Liberia need your help today

Dear Friend,
Donate now to help refugee children in Liberia. A young boy from the Ivory Coast is running as fast as he can. He’s not racing his friends in the schoolyard – he’s escaping from the men who killed his neighbors.

He ran from the gunshots into the dense jungle, where he survived for weeks while separated from his family, searching for safety.

When he finally crossed the border into Liberia, he found he was one of thousands who have fled from the violence and are desperately seeking food, clean water, and a safe place to sleep.

You can help Plan’s field staff make sure these girls and boys get the basics they need to survive.

Donate today and help provide safety and support for refugee children in Liberia who have lost everything.
Making it to the refugee camps in Liberia was just the beginning for these girls and boys. Some have been separated from their parents. Many are unable to find food or clean water, and spend their days hungry and looking for help in communities that are stretched to the breaking point. Lacking shelter, they sleep outside on the ground.

Plan’s emergency response teams are working day and night in communities, focusing our efforts on child refugees and pregnant women through our education and protection programs. By sending help to the field now, you will assist with our ongoing efforts to:

Protect children from abuse. Through the creation of child-friendly spaces, Plan is helping reduce the risk of child abuse and exploitation.
Reduce trauma. Through our education and recreation programs, Plan is working to protect and promote the wellbeing of 4,200 refugee children who have witnessed violence.
Train caregivers. Over 45 early childhood care and development workers have been trained so far to help facilitate child nutrition, protection, and education programs.
Right now, 7,000 refugee children in Liberia are benefiting from Plan’s support. Help us reach more girls and boys in Liberia by making a gift today.


Scott Schroeder
Vice President
Plan International USA

If you are a current sponsor or donor please use your sponsor/donor number when making your donation:



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