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My Childhood By Willy Wang (age 16), Beigan Island

My Childhood

By Willy Wang (age 16), Beigan Island

''Ladies and gentleman ,the plane will take off,please fasten your seat belt ,thank you.''That is the attendant 's broadcast.

When I board a plane, I usually recall the memories of my childhood. Since I was five, I have wanted to become an outstanding pilot. From then on, I have made up my mind that I must stuggle to accomplish my dream.

Also, during my childhood, there was another very special touching story about my brother that has inspired me [as a Christian].


Now I will tell you about my precious childhood story. First, let me say, I was born in a poor family, and later my mom was becoming weak because she was pregnant. This has made me more and more cherish everything about my life and has influenced me.

I should say that I am happy that I was born in a poor family. However, if God had given me more opportunity to choose, I would [still] have selected a poor family instead of choosing a rich family.
One day I had asked my mom for a ''brother'' because I was the only son of my parents and I felt very lonely . I prayed to God continuously. After 5 months,there was an amazing event for me. That was because my mom was [actually] pregnant. Our whole family was very glad and surprised, and I saw Mom 's tears rolling down her cheeks that day. I thought it was a [a precious &] mysterious gift from God.

But, one day, after I had gotten home from kindergarten, I found my mom laying on the bed and bursting into tears.My mother only said that her stomach was aching. I immediately called the ambulance and I hoped that Mom and my [future] brother would both be safe.

After arriving at the National Taiwan University Hospital, the medical staff rushed to push my mother into the emergency room. I closed my eyes to pray to God to help my moother and my brother .With only five months pregnancy, my mom's belly had had sudden sharp pains,. and she even had abnormal bleeding.

Suddenly, a doctor came out of the room and said to me,''Your Mom's body is in a bad condition ; I am not sure whether your brother will be born.” I heard the doctor's speech, I held my mother's hands and encouraged her. I said to Mom,''Mom, do not give up any hope. God will hear my prayer''.

After a few minutes , I asked the physician for a pen and a sheet of paper;I drew a picture with my pen. In this picture there was a healthy baby in my mother's uterus.

As soon as I returned to my mother's side, I began to encouraged her. I said ,''Look ,This is a baby in your stomach [uterus] . God will promise and give us a healthy baby''. Then both Mom and I burst into tears for a while. After a few days, there was a miracle. My mother recoverd and could return home. When I heard this,I was very happy and I couldn't say a word. That's an unforgettable recollection in my life.


After my brother was born, I not only took care of my mother and the baby but also helped my father sell clothes at the Yu Hong intersection. Because the policeman would [often] fine the people who were vendors on the street, I played a role as observer of the policeman’s coming.

I vividly remember that once I [and my father] was caught red-handed by the policeman. I said to him ,''My family is not rich ,and also we have not sold any clothes. That was the primary reason why we had low income. Please be tolerant to us.'' The explanation seemed to touch the policeman, so we weren't fined.

Meanwhile, when at home, I looked after my brother in the role of parents, so I [soon] learned a lot then. In many ways, my childhood was a charming mystery and very touching. But, I learned how to stand up to the challenges. So, I understan my parents' responsibilities [intimately].


In addition, I [have] insisted on trying to reach the dream that I have had since my childhood. As the saying goes, ”We must hold onto our dreams”. For accomplishing my dream of becoming a pilot, I am willing to spend a lot of my free time improving my English and studying physics , I hope one day my dream will come true.

In conclusion, my childhood was [and has been]pretty wonderful for me because it created many unforgettable memories [and inspirations] in my mind.

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