Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another jailed labor union leader needs your asistance–Basil Mahan Gahé

On April 26, Basil Mahan Gahé, general secretary of the national trade union center Dignité in the Ivory Coast, was arrested at his Abidjan home and taken into detention.

The union office was sacked, and many union officers have gone into hiding.

Since then, the IUF and other international and national trade unions, including the Ivory Coast’s national center UGTCI as well as the Director General of the ILO, have contacted the government authorities to demand his release and guarantees of his physical wellbeing.

To date, the government has refused to respond, or even to disclose the charges on which he is being held.

Please take a moment and send off your message of protest:


Thanks very much!

Eric Lee



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