Saturday, April 23, 2011

Videos Of The SOA Watch March To The White House To Close The SOA And Resist Militarization

Mac McKinney has an important collection of photos, Youtube videos, etc. to remind us that this Earth Day is just as bad as the last one in terms of Drilling in the Gulf an potential repeats of disasters.–KAS


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April 19, 2011

Not so Happy First BP Oil Disaster Anniversary for the Gulf (Videos)

By Mac McKinney

(1) An oily marsh, compliments of BP (source)

(2) Dead dolphin washed ashore from the Gulf (source)


(3) Here is a account in eleven videos of the ongoing depredations and disasters in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Gulf Coast resulting from BP’s irresponsibility and criminality commencing late last April, 2010 (not to mention before) and ongoing to this day after the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank and millions of gallons of oil, and then Corexit, were unleashed upon the Gulf, all this aided and abetted by local, state and federal/military officials. And some of these videos also tell us what the American people have to do to fight back and make things right.

Let’s set the tone right off the bat:

(4) Some exposition on Gulf Coast realities, not fictions.

(4) Several songs to move America’s soul toward justice for the Gulf, prosecution for BP.

(5) What do we have to do? This:

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