Saturday, April 23, 2011

Europe was fully in bed with the Libyan Gaddhaffi throughout the past decade–just as the USA was in bed throughout the 1980s in Iraq

I think most people missed this news from British Petroleum and the increases in European Forces in Libya. The whole story makes European states in a similar position to Libya, which the USA faced in August 1990 as Saddam Hussain made war on Kuwait.

Here is the first story on DN this past Tuesday

E.U. Considers Sending Ground Troops into Libya
The European Union is considering sending ground troops into the besieged western Libyan city of Misurata. The city has become a key battleground in the fight between rebel fighters and forces loyal to Col. Muammar Gaddafi. French officials have called for soldiers to be deployed on the ground to help guide NATO air strikes and to support the Libyan rebel opposition. European officials said up to 1,000 troops are ready to go in if requested by the United Nations.

The second story was also from DN that same day.

Exposed: Link Between British Oil Firms and Invasion of Iraq
The Independent newspaper of London has revealed Britain discussed plans to exploit Iraq’s oil reserves with some of the world’s biggest oil companies five months before it joined the United States in invading the country in 2003. Citing previously secret documents, the newspaper said at least five meetings were held between British officials and BP and Royal Dutch Shell in late 2002. BP privately told the British Foreign Office at the time that Iraq was “more important than anything we’ve seen for a long time.” The documents were obtained by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt, author of the new book Fuel on the Fire: Oil and Politics in Occupied Iraq.
Greg Muttitt: “Tony Blair famously said in early 2003, ‘The idea that we’re interested in Iraq’s oil is absurd, it’s one of the most absurd conspiracy theories you can imagine,’ if you remember. And at the same time as he was saying that, there was an internal document, a secret document, in the Foreign Office, which set out British strategy towards Iraqi oil, and it said, ‘Britain has an absolutely vital interest in Iraq’s oil.’”

The two stories together allow us to see a Europe that was fully in bed with the Libyan Gaddhaffi throughout the past decade–just as the USA was in bed throughout the 1980s with Iraq.



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