Friday, January 21, 2011

Intelligent Bacteria: Cells are Incredibly Smart

Intelligent Bacteria: Cells are Incredibly Smart

For years I just sort of assumed that cells were self-reproducing blobs of protein. Maybe you did too. Turns out they’re way smarter than that. You will be amazed at this video. Dr. Bonnie Bassler from Princeton University presents a beautiful TED talk on how bacteria communicate with each other by forming words out of simple molecules.

She also explains…

•How bacteria strategize together on how to ‘take down’ their host
•Elegant systems of bioluminescence
•Symbiotic relationships between organisms
•Cells speak multiple languages
Enjoy this remarkable presentation. And a sincere thanks to Patrik Beno for sharing it with me.

Perry Marshall

Further Reading: Nature Magazine on the sophisticated community behavior of Myxobacteria



Blogger chandra said...

Could you share the full article? thanks

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10:10 AM  
Blogger Kevin Anthony Stoda said...

I have only link to the lecture of Dr.Bassler. Why not share with me and readers a link to the fuller article?

5:10 PM  

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