Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scott Bloch, who is Supposed to Help Government Whistleblowers, is Found Guilty. Obama needs to Get Better Whistle Blower protection

The National Whistle Blowers Center sent me the following up-date–and it leaves me more upset about the lack of democracy and transparency in government. Please let your Congressmen and Senators know that you care.

Since 1978, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has failed to live up to its mission to protect whistleblowers, and has been dominated by political appointees. Now, the former head of whistleblower enforcement, Scott Bloch, pleaded guilty to serious criminal misconduct. This only serves to highlight how the OSC has been abused by politicians intent on having the foxes guard the chicken coop.
President Obama made a campaign promise to appoint a strong advocate for whistleblowers as the new Special Counsel. Nearly 2 years after that promise was made, no nomination has been sent to the Senate for confirmation.
TAKE ACTION! Tell President Obama to appoint Special Counsel who will be a strong whistleblower advocate!
It is understandable, with the OSC run by a criminal and an office seeped in a culture of cover-up, that the OSC stood by while whistleblowers like Theresa Chambers and Bunnatine Greenhouse lost their jobs after coming forward to report the truth. But it is unforgivable that the office entrusted to protect these people has been twisted and corrupted at its core.
We must let President Obama and Congress know that now is the time to fulfill his campaign promises by appointing Special Counsel who is a proven strong advocate for whistleblowers and an aggressive enforcement official. The person nominated in the wake of these criminal charges must be a nationally respected advocate for whistleblower protection, and must have the integrity and courage to challenge bureaucracy and defend whistleblowers.

TAKE ACTION! Tell President Obama to appoint Special Counsel who will champion whistleblower rights!
We do not need another politically connected person to fill this office; we need a hardened advocate who will change the culture of this office. A new standard must be enforced, and never again should the OSC be so disgraced.



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