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By Kevin Stoda, Germany

I could start this article by talking about how the Whitehouse has failed to encourage Congress to even consider a more universal health care system, including consideration of either (1) single-payer or (2) the highly ranked Australian system.

I could start this article by writing about the way, the Obama Whitehouse has failed to oversee the prosecution of war crimes during the Bush-Cheney Administration (2001-2009), especially in the area of demanding and supporting torture and cruelty.

I could ridicule and ask why the Obama administration is not closing down Gitmo in a timely fashion as promised. (Moreover, reports of continuing torture techniques and practices continue there and in various semi-secret U.S.-stateside prisons. Some of these techniques in the USA and have in the past led to homicides as well as suicides.)

I could go on-and-on about Obama’s expansion and extension of war making powers and practices in the White House after publicly stating for many years that he is against perpetuating the American War nightmares of the Bush-era.

I could note that Obama is just spinning and hyping the story often.

For example, the recent arguments Obama has posted on his decision to hide photos of torture has clearly been hiding the fact that other documents are being hidden and held from those human rights supporters and legal experts clearly legally seeking to find out who ordered what torture techniques lead to murder, etc.

John Sifton has said on Democracy Now, “Well, the photographs are obviously very important, but they’re just one side of the coin. There are large amounts of CIA internal documents from the inspector general’s report that the CIA prepared about detainee abuse. There’s a lot of stuff there, a lot of material that Obama can consider releasing. The photographs, obviously, are very important. It’s good that we’re paying attention to them. But the real evidence that shows the way these techniques spread and the involvement of senior Bush administration officials, that’s not photographs. Those are memos. Those are CIA cables from black sites to Langley, notes from meetings between Langley and the White House, things like that.”

I just don’t have too much time for Obama till he gets some of these issues right.

Others citizens and governments world-wide are keeping tabs on Obama’s shortfalls and excessive spending on bad banks while failing to save many U.S. jobs in the automobile industry.

For example, the inability of Obama to get the German state to accept no more Gitmo prisoners is likely linked to his turn around on investigating the crimes of the previous administration.

Why should Germany and the European Union pick up the mess that Obama refuses to clean up himself?


The only good news is that the birds (who should be) in the cages—the ex-USA President and VP—are starting to sing.

For example, Dick Cheney recently admitted that both he and President George Bush were aware of the methods and had approved the torture techniques and other war crimes or crimes against human rights and dignity.

This means that American legal experts and human rights experts can now ask District Attorneys across America to arrest those men—and their supporters like Rice and Rumsfeld. Get work, guys!

It is predicted that a war crimes trial for Dick Cheney would likely be the shortest in history.

I know I need to get to w….

Ooops, one more thought.


Michael Pollen, author of IN DEFENSE OF FOOD: AN EATERS MANIFESTO, wrote a letter to Barack Obama as the nation’s-farmer-in chief. Pollen basically stated:

“The most salient point is simply, you are not going to be able to tackle either the healthcare crisis or climate change unless you look at our food system. In the case of climate change, food is responsible for about a third of greenhouse gases, the way we’re growing food, the way we’re processing it and the way we’re eating. And the healthcare crisis, as I’ve talked about. So we need to address it. It’s really the shadow issue over these other two issues.”

Eat healthy, Mr. President, you need to start eating better and thinking more clearly--and connecting the dots shown to you by Mr. Pollen and I—and millions of other dissatisfied folks around the world.

Now, I really need to get to wo…….



Blogger Kevin Anthony Stoda said...

DECLARATION OF PEACE HAS WRITTEN TODAY:"On Thursday afternoon, an overwhelming majority in the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of the $96.7 billion Supplemental Appropriations bill, despite great constituent pressure to vote against war funding."

"The spending measure provides over $84 billion for U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and increases U.S. involvement in Pakistan."

"A sickening vote!"


11:57 AM  

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