Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Arlen Specter and the Miracle Bullet Theory comes to Obama’s Democratic Party

Arlen Specter and the Miracle Bullet Theory comes to Obama’s Democratic Party

By Kevin Stoda, a Kansan in exile

As many of my readers know, I--just like Arlen Specter (U.S. Senator, PA) and former Senator Bob Dole--, am a graduate of a Kansas high school. We are the Sunflower state and examples of very well educated persons interested in public service in a state that has lost its way politically for over half a century.

That is, Kansas is a place that has tried to run and hide from its progressive past for quite some time. Frank Thomas wrote a great book, WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?, on the hidden-progressive tradition in Kansas—a state that should be blue but which has been red since before I was born.

Thomas had written clearly: “Not long ago, Kansas would have responded to the current situation by making the bastards pay.”

However, when Arlen Specter and Robert Dole were living in Russell, Kansas they moved in the populist vain of conservatism instead of progressivism of their Kansas’ forefathers.


Russell, Kansas’ two native sons Bob Dole and Arlen Specter, used to be little Russell High School’s gifts to the Republican dominated Senate.

Now Dole is long retired and Specter has now jumped to the Democratic party.

That’s right the man whose autobiography is named NEVER GIVE IN has jumped from the sinking Republican ship to the Democratic party after being on the Republican side of the isle for 50 years in Washington, D. C.

It was predictable, though.

The Republican Party has been playing the cultural war card for so long that all the more moderate Republicans have been feeling left out to dry for months—and decades.

According to one Pennsylvania political pundit, “America has figured out it doesn't like what Republicans stand for, and that's a hard opinion to turn around. The "moral" issues aren't working for the GOP anymore as people worry more about their jobs and health care than whether the gay couple down the street want to get legally married, or whether the Hispanic man doing work on their neighbor's house is a legal or illegal immigrant. And good riddance. The Republican right has hurt America for the past 30 years, and we need to get back to real liberal democracy.”

This same political author of the Pennsylvania blog, BY THE RIVER, added in a March 2009 story, “Specter has been urged by Gov. Rendell, Sen. Casey, and Vice President Biden to switch to the Democratic side, but he doesn't show any inclination to do so. Don't be too surprised if he changes his mind. Specter is a consummate survivor, quite willing to spend the year before an election making people forget what they don't like about him. In this case, that he's a member of the party of George W. Bush.”


As a young man, Arlen Specter found himself sitting on the infamous Warren Commission, whereby he co-authored the single bullet theory to explain the death of John F. Kennedy.

On the other hand, Specter claims in his memoir, PASSION FOR TRUTH, that he had drawn up 78 questions to ask (Vice President and then President) Lyndon Baines Johnson "who would, under other circumstances, have been considered a prime suspect" concerning the assassination of JFK.

Personally, Specter claimed “he didn't think Johnson had anything to do with the assassination, but ‘no self-respecting investigator would omit a thorough investigation of the slain president's successor.’”

What commission or committee will the new Democratic Senator now be put on?
Will he soon be put on the committee to research torture in the Bush Administration?



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