Sunday, February 01, 2009

People Keep Telling Me to Support CBS and Its Being Persecuted for Suggesting that a 2 State Solution is Workable

People keep telling me to support CBS and its being persecuted for suggesting that a 2-State solution is workable in Israel.

I've received letters and emails from throughout the Middle East on this issue over the last 7 days.

The most recent e-mail was this.

Bob Simon from 60 Minutes has been under attack for running an accurate, thoughtful and critical look at the viability of the two-state solution.
Veteran journalist Bob Simon traveled the West Bank to assess the situation on the ground and clearly shows how the Israeli government’s years of support for the increasing presence of illegal Israeli settlements and settlers in the West Bank, Israeli policies on appropriating Palestinian homes at a whim, Israel’s imposition of arbitrary travel restriction and establishment of hundreds of checkpoints in the West Bank, and the creation of the separation barrier which appropriates even more Palestinian land, are adversely impacting the feasibility of two-state solution. The content of this piece touches on issues rarely raised in the US mainstream media and ADC believes it is important that 60 Minutes hears from you.

Watch it on-line at:
or go to :

A letter of Support to
can be mailed or e-mailed to the following:

60 Minutes | 524 West 57th St. |New York, NY 10019
PHONE: (212) 975-3247

Watch and read the link. Then tell me if you agree: Is it a valuable piece that shouldn't ridden rough shod over?????

If you want, write CBS at the e-mail and ask them to stand up for what you feel is right. OK?




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