Thursday, January 01, 2009

I'd like to Ask You to Take the Poll: Who has been the Most Unacceptable President of the USA ever?

I'd like to Ask You to Take the Poll: Who has been the Most Unacceptable President of the USA ever?

The poll can be found at this site:

Has George W. Bush been the most unacceptable President in U.S. History?

COUNTERSPIN authors on FAIR.ORG has noted : "December 2008 marks not just the conclusion of another calendar year, but the end of eight years of the George W. Bush administration—an era notable for, among other things, particular predations on civil liberties, the free flow of information and the public's right to know. Other administrations have been wary of the press corps, to be sure. But it was the Bush White House whose first attorney general instructed federal agencies to drag their feet on FOIA requests; whose Defense Department orchestrated the pulling down of a statue of Saddam Hussein—supposedly by joyous Iraqis—as part of a disinformation campaign on the war. Who pressured EPA officials to "clean up" public statements on air quality at Ground Zero after September 11, 2001. Whatever one thinks of the incoming administration, it's fair to say the departing one has left a very high hole to dig out of a number of fronts."

Has the Bush administration been the least acceptable president ever in terms of good governance, protecting liberties and Americans, the constitution, growth in the common weal?

Choose the U.S. President on your own least acceptable index and give the outgoing administration its grade card in American history.

NO THROWING SHOES ALLOWED--just vote and comment, ok?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let be tell you something, and the rest of the viewers, that I'm sure they or you don't know. When George W. Bush took office on January 20, 2001, his presidential salary was $200,000 a year. He immediately doubled it to $400,000 and gave himself a $50,000 - "non-taxible" expense account. He will retire from office making $208,000 a year. Not too bad for holding office for only 8 years, and the economy is the worst it's been since the country was started in 1776. He has been the worst president in American history and he continues, not to care less for his citizens that pay his over-inflated salary. How does that information make you feel about George W. Bush - Pat?? To see if I'm wrong or right, you can go right to the governments web-page. Type in congress with any info you desire and you will see. George W. Bush is friend to no American citizen, or anyone else, for that matter!!

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