Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bin Ladens, The Hurricanes (like Ike), and Legacy of Bush and America: any MEMORIAL for bad Governance 2001-2008???

The Bin Ladens, The Hurricanes (like Ike), and Legacy of Bush and America: any MEMORIAL for bad Governance 2001-2008???

By Kevin Stoda

In a week (September 14 to September 20) that began with the landfall of Hurricane Ike in Texas

and an hour-long narration of the life and times of the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia aired on DEMOCRACY NOW

, and concluded with a major bombing of the Marriot Hotel in downtown Islamabad

and the resignation of Thabo Mbecki in South Africa,0,3441318.story?track=rss

, it is only appropriate to begin to put the pieces together and ask Americans to demand more answers and reform as of this very week in 2008.

Let us see,

(1) If South Africans can replace a president who has been responsible for illegal acts or misleading peoples, why can't Americans have the same sort of good governance and positively functioning commonweal? i.e. why aren't Bush and Cheney out the window, too?

(2) If the USA can afford 800 billion dollars to bail out business failures, why can't we have great health care for all? Better education? Better aid to the poor? Better courts?

(3) If Pakistan can get Dictator Musharrif out of government reigns in Pakistan, why couldn't Bush capture Osama Bin Laden?

By the way, the DN program on the Bin Ladens states clearly that there is a connection—General Musharrif and his clan of cronies had simply thought that if they actually captured Bin Laden, the U.S. would no longer send 10s of billions of dollars to Pakistan, i.e. without vetting or asking questions about where the money was spent.

They were right—until 2008—will it be different next year?

(4) Are Americans going to continue to put up with regional and global disasters on an adhoc basis—by ignoring global warming facts and the backwash of bad energy and bad foreign policy--or will they move towards a true progressive movement?

For those people who do not whom to vote fore in 2008. Whatever you all do, do not keep these crazy paradigms from 2001-2008 going?

Also, look at Ralph Nader's issues and demand the big tent parties to take all his issues on—otherwise vote for Nader.

At least, his videos are more motivating than what the big parties offer.



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