Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is it Simply a Reocurring Upper Respiratory Infection or is it Something far more Devious? Leftover Chemical and Uranium-Tipped Weapons in Kuwait

It is spring and all over the world people are suffering from allergies, pollen, and dust. It is part of life on earth, but here in Kuwait one is ALWAYS a bit more worried about respiratory and other health problems caused by airborn pollutants.

I see a reminder of this on Gulf Road each week. There is near on the Gulf Road near the township of Rumathiya a monument that is missing "a monument". I believe it is one of those war monuments that used to contain a tank leftover from the Iraqi invasion of the country over a decade and a half ago. However, a few years after the war, high rates of cancers, deformities in birth, and other illnesses were obviously being caused by the residues of the previous war. It was wisely determined by the Kuwait government to remove the captured surviving Iraqi weaponry from public display.

Uranium-tipped weapons from the U.S. and possible residue of Iraqi chemical weapons were the culprits of an increase in illnesses around the globe over the past two decades. Oviously, there was no Gulf War Syndrom in the USA before thousands returned home from the most radioactive bombing campaign since Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Since the radiation of the U.S. weapons has a half life of centuries, I certainly am worried whenever I have an upper respiratory infection several times in a month's time.

I encourage all readers to look into the issue of uranium tipped weaponry by duing a web search for "chemical and uranium tipped weapons in Kuwait". I have written elsewhere about the fact that Kuwaitis don't desire to make the issue of public health dangers too openly-due to the special arrangement it has with the USA today. It is therefore important that we encourage more research in the matter and even finally put US tax dollars on the line studying Kuwait in the wake of "944,000 rounds of DU ammo" fired by U.S. forces in 1991 mostly in and around Kuwait.

Here are some stories for you to look for on the web, but please look up more on the web and join an anti-Depleted Uranium tipped weapon campaign in America or in wherever your homeland may be:

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