Sunday, November 05, 2006


My mother's a district warden (or leader) for her county in the Democratic Party in Montgomery County in Kansas. One day last summer across the stateline (75 miles south) in Tulsa, Oklahoma my mom was dining with us at a Mexican restaurant when in walked the Rebublican-backed Kansas Representative from her own district.

My mom went up to this true-blue OKIE and challenged this so-called Kansas State representative, named Virgil Peck, to finally move back to Kansas full-time instead of living out of a hut in the small town of Tyro, Kansas only on weekends--so as to claim he is a bonifide resident of the state of Kansas.

Virgil Peck is an example of a certain type of Republican who has been part of the U.S. government-takeover plan dating back several decades. Peck gets a lot of his backing from Oklahoman Republicans as well as Kansas ones.

Peck has actually been working in, around, and out of his large home in Tulsa for decades. According to some Kansans I have talked to, Peck has been in the Kansas House for four years now, but is now referred to in the Topeka State House as "Virgil with his coat of many colors" because of his lies, his distortions and his tendancy to Bible thump--while accepting money from casinos, beer companies and cigarette companies because he needed them for his campaigns.


All across border counties in the United States, I am asking citizens to wake up to the buying off of local political representation by interests from outside each state.

I want to ask you if similar sorts of shennanigens are going on in your neck of the woods in America, too. If so, we should put a stop to it by revealing it once and for all!

Similar to the situation in Eastern Kansas as it stands today, I would not be surprised, for example, to discover that Tom-Delay-type Texas Republicans haven't busy representing folk in Oklahoma, in Arkansas, in Louisiana, in New Mexico, in Colorado or even western Kansas through large amounts of money, free Republican advertising, cover-ups and cronyism.

LET US stop now the sacking of free debate and competition for public voices in the borderlands of American States!!!!! Vote all the BUMS out!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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