Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How Do We in the Middle East Get Our News and Insights? Well, we don't watch Fox News, the CBN, or CNN--that's for Sure

I was back in the States this summer during the Bush-Israeli cataclism/apocalypse [packaged]for Lebanon. I was saddened and struck by the ONE-SIDED way the US-Media during the first two weeks of that one-sided invasion handled reporting on that monstrosity. The major American news networks hardly ever questioned the lackidaisical way with which the W. Bush failed to try and get Israel to control itself.

Eventually, the destruction leveled by the Israelis reached into the thousands of civilian deaths and 1000s of more casualties. That collateral destruction fits 95% of this planet's (the planet Earth--not planet Bush or planet Israel) definition of a war crime for a any modern military state--using the highest levels of modern war-making technology.

Billions of U.S. military dollars were wasted in this particular Lebanese War. I was outraged that no one was claiming foul!!!!

Further, I found my stomach turned by the way that the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)and Pat Robertson handled the events. They seemed to equate two kidnappings of soldiers with a god-given right to kill thousands! I felt sick. Naturally, FOX news was no better. (I am aware of only one single CNN reporter who asked any tough questions about the death, destruction and massacres.) They seemed to be promoting an apocolyse.

All Americans abroad have numerous sources of news they fall back on to get basic facts--only one Israeli is dying for every 95 killed by the U.S. backed Israelis. We--who care, that is--consciously select our media sources. For example, in Kuwait, if I don't want CNN or FOX, I just go to Deutsche Well, BBC or Euro news on television. (My previous satellite/cable company doesn't even offer me either CNN or Fox as a standard station.)

More importantly, the internet is loaded with good critical reporting in either audio or in printed format. I, for example, listen to DEMOCRACY NOW reports and take in the weekly FAIR's COUNTERSPIN. I read the Guardian and other sources, too.

I suggest that all Americans abroad and at home boycott the poorer major news sources and demand good alternative news programming with ever-increasing cries of "FOUL".

Contact your cable or satellite operator today!

Kevin Anthony Stoda
Maboula, Kuwait



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