Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wishing you Peace in this season of peace and goodwill–from THE PEACE MEMO

Here is another great year end peace memo for you from the folks in Tennessee.

Greetings, Readers,

These days, it seems the whole world is crying for relief—from warfare, economic distress, meaningless work, poor wages, reduced access to services, and so much more. But even as we lament our tribulations, we look forward, in hope, for a better time: a time of justice, equity, and peace. Perhaps we’re naïve; then again, perhaps hope is part of human nature and we seek it instinctively. December ends with the birth of a child, and what is more hopeful, more inspiring, than that?

In this issue, we pause to look at some things that have recently begun, like the Occupy Movement in the U.S. and abroad; and refocus on some older issues, like our ongoing wars and the people who serve in the military. We also reconnect with some friends.

To read or print this issue of the Peace Memo, click this link: or copy and paste it into the address line of an Internet browser.

Wishing you Peace in this season of peace and goodwill,

Editor, The Peace Memo



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