Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Since its launch last month has been making serious waves.

One broadcaster tried — and failed — to shut down our videos. And activists like you have uncovered more than 20 new cases of covert consolidation in cities across the country!

More emails have been pouring in from others wanting to investigate broadcasters who may be illegally cutting corners on local news in their communities.

The next few months will be crucial as the Federal Communications Commission reviews its media ownership rules. That’s why we need you to continue to shine a light on covert consolidation.

We need to show the FCC exactly how newsroom consolidation undermines independent journalism and harms communities.

Already your efforts have exposed this practice in cities like Burlington, Vt., Knoxville, Tenn. and Montgomery, Ala. (For details check out our growing database at

To make our case we rely on your help. Email me at if you’re interested in reporting on abuses, collecting video evidence and telling your own story. Free Press has compiled a Change the Channels Toolkit to help you document covert consolidation, mobilize friends and neighbors and educate lawmakers. You can download the toolkit here:

Please join me in exposing covert consolidation and demanding FCC action.

Thanks for all you do.

Libby Reinish
Program Coordinator
Free Press

P.S. Want to support our work? We don't take a dime from businesses, political parties or the government. Please donate today.



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